Sunday, January 18, 2009


So its my last week with my current employer. Like anyother person in this field, i too have decided to move on to greener pastures. So Am I Excited? Am i scared? Am i sad? I guess a lil bit of everything. So lets take it one by one.

Excited: Its like your first day @ school. You, ofcourse, get excited when u think about meeting new people, new challenges and above all new (and dare i say) much improved salary. Honestly, I think people who know me will agree that it has never been for money(cuz at the end of the day anything is less :) ). Im really looking forward to new challenges and some change in this moment this is what im craving for. WORK!!!!! (I Know , I know).

Scared: Well, not really. I have good 15 days between my last day and my first day at new company and i think of only 2 things when i think of those 2 dates.
A) If everything will stay like its suppose to be for these 15 days(God! i dont want any Satyam Fiasco happening with my new employer) .
and B) How am i gonna spend these 15 days *evil grin*.

Sad: I have been working here for close to 4 years now and during this time i have made some realllllly reallllly good friends.Ofcourse, there are coupla things/people that i wont like to see again but the thought of not seeing my friends everyday(or night in my case), not hanging with them from now on (not that im going outta town or something) makes me kinda sad. I know i will meet new people and will make friends with them but some people have touched my life in a way that its really hard for me to imagine my life without them. *sigh* . I guess i can call them and since i will be in "normal" shifts now(Hopefully!!!), i can always stop by and say "Hello" to them.

But hey ..lets not worry about these things ...lets plan what I can do in these 15 i really have a lotta choices here like

  • I can go home and enjoy my stay with my family, meet my friends there and play some good Ball and enjoy some chilly weather.
  • I can go to my relatives (which i havent visited for like AGES now) who stay at the foot of Hills.. Destress my self(I always wanted to use this word Destress..), Enjoy the drives/serenic beauty....and eventually go home for coupla days and be a bummer.
  • I can goto US. Couple of my friends surely can sponsor the tickets. Hangout with them for a while, shop for days to come(its such a stressbuster ..even for men too) watch some NBA games and be a globetrotter there.
  • Or, I can stay home, here, and drink some scotches and play Guitar Hero(How exciting!!!!!)
I will keep wondering!!!Im a last minute traveller anyways.

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Rajesh said...

I will miss u a lot bro for sure :(. All the best dear !!!