Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Reading!!!

Now that i dont have a job, i can go back to doing what i like i.e. Sitting home, watching T.V. , playing games on my PS2 and reading books.

So couple of my friends took me to a book store and gave me some books that i can read during this so called "honeymoon" period.(My next assignment starts in second week of Feb).

So this book that i started last night , Boots Belts Berets by Tanushree Podder, talks about a cadets life in NDA(National Defence Academy). Talks about journey of being "Boys-to-Men".

If you think that after watching any bollywood movies, u know what goes on inside the campus of NDA, think again my friend.

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ankit said...

Sup bro!!
have u read the book?Would u recommend it??