Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dev D.

I dont remember when was the last time i listened to an entire album without controlling the urge to change the track. Now that i've got myself thinking , i think Omkara was the last complete album i had heard. But Ladies and Gentlemen wait no more for the wait is over. Our Desi Romeo is back and back with a bang (quite literally too). Im not gonna tell you the backdrop of the story or on who mr. Devdas is but all i'll say is that its a modern day story of devdas.

The album has 18 songs. From the feel of it i can tell that all these will play in background. So no running behind the trees in slow motion anymore *phew*. Amit Tandon(AT) is the music director of this movie and has done a gr8 job , a job so fantastic that it has put him in a different league, in the league of directors like Vishal Bhardawaj and SEL. He has saved the best songs for himself and has done a commendable job behind the microphone.

Coming back to tracks, my personal favourite is "PARDESI" but the ones i keep listening to are Nayan Tarse, Saali Khushi, Ranjhana and how can we forgot the presleys of Patna who gave us all the ever so popular Emosanal Attyachar.

I hope that this album strikes a cord with aam junta as well cuz i personally feel that its early days for AT and commercial success is what he needs more than critical acclaim...After all "ghar main roti" chahiye usko :)


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