Friday, February 27, 2009

February Review!!!

Another month from 2009 gone…WOW!!! Time IS Flying!!!! Damn!!!! So I guess its time for my second review…hmm

  • They say "Health is Wealth" first and foremost my resolution will be to a) maintain my weight in double digits this year and b) to get back to a moderate 36 inch waist line...maybe by end of Q2-09 -->Still working on it, weight is back into double digits, need more motivation and self-control
  • To be a regular face @ the gym -->Health…well I might have missed working out in gym due to me getting back to work but I have made sure that im playing everyday…so outta 28 days I have worked out/played ball for 17 days..17/28 for this month…not bad huh! *pat on the back*
  • To abstain myself from drinking BEER/RUMS/VODKA/AERIATED DRINKS...I guess that means i'll have to live on WHISKY and SCOTCH ;) --> Here comes the most impressive part about me. Drinking. No, im not talking about my pythonic liver (as Amol used to tell me/everybody), im talking about me not boozing every day or weekend. Now im not telling you that ive quit drinking, for how could I, im a Punjabi after all. So I have sticked to whiskey/Scotch barring a few occasions of beer(4 beers this month)
  • To "not-to" feast on any food buffets this year --> Just one food buffet this month *impressive huh*
  • To try and be a vegetarian this year..-->2 WHOLE months as vegetarian…now this is a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG accomplishment…cuz there were various instances where I wanted to stop thinking about everything and dig my teeth into some real juicy,tender chicken breast or fish *slurps* but as destiny would have it, im still a vegetarian so its all good.
  • To do a lil more travelling, take a week off every quarter and visit all the nearest place or hill stations or explore new places locally. --> Went home for a wedding and will try to go somewhere in march too
  • To file for immigration this year. --> Need to goto a consultant, have it written in things to do list for March
  • To finally buy a book and start preparing for GMAT and IAS services(both extremes i know) --> Targetting to buy a book in March 09
  • To, inshah-allah, continue my travelling streak abroad --> Pray for me brother!!!
  • To save some money and eventually bring my loan account down -->The home loan is still @ the same level. No movement there…maybe in a couple of months we shall see some downward trend…AMEN!!!
  • To try and be the same energetic and enthusiastic person that i was coupla years back. --> Things are on track, im an affable face in office.
  • To "not-to" forget birthdays this year and make sure that atleats a call/text is made/sent---> I did picked up my old contact diary and called one old friend(my old roomie..Johnny bravo!!) and my cousin sis…so there is some progress on this front.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Joker in the pack :p

There are 3 kind of people in any organization. First kinds are the one who are the nerds, the einsteins, the newtons, the ones who actually know it all. (the kinds I don’t gel along with really well..and I think they shud GET A LIFE). Second kinds are the ones those who are the average ones(like me) and not only are they average they know it too and they are happy being in the majority. And then there are ones who are caught in between these...the “Wanna-bees” …who try to cross the line and try to make a name for themselves but that’s when they bring down the house. That’s when they do/say certain things which make them immortal(pun intended)…which make them “butt of all jokes”.

And I ran into one such guy…the 3rd kinds :) …well , it was our induction session and we were being told that how gr8 of a co. this is and how proud we should be feeling. So the speaker(a veteran, been with this org. for over 15 yrs) told us how this was a vision of few handful of ppl and how “We” (I think I can use this word now) have evolved through years…from a 250$ company to a billion $ empire.

After he ended his workshop(it wasn’t one of those sessions where the speaker would go on and on till everybody snores), he opened the floor for Q&A.
People started him all sorts of questions…basically wanted answers for their insecurities…he was very patient in answering all the queries. And after one hour he called for one last question. Lil did he knew that he had commited a suicidal mistake…so our guy…raises his hand…asks…

“I have been hearing from lot of people that they started this co. with $, but noone tells that wat was the $ value @ that time”

He, evidently, was shell shocked by the question and wanted to do more than answering the question but like anyone else wud have done , he just smiled and said

“Does it matter????!??!?!??!??!??!??!?!??!”

And that’s when I knew that till the time I know this guy, my avid readers will never complain about me not posting enough on the blog :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Onsite!?!?!?!?! Yea Right!!!!!

So here i was, barely 5 days old in my new office and already making headlines.....No! this wasnt for sports...this was for me turning down the "onsite" offer given to me. Before you start judging me and calling me names like idiot/stupid/a$$hole, before you pickup your phone to call me and tell me how badly ive fucked this time...i sincerely suggest you should read on.

I have noticed a few things about Life(No im not drunk) things like how we struggle for more and how in this process of evolution we forget the basic definition for certain things/words....and in this case the word would be "onsite". I would blame it on the surroundings, the industry and then the people.

So whats an onsite????!????!??

Onsite-offshore model is a management model that companies use in their project for better resource utilization.Onsite is primarily referred to as the client you goto the client and work closely with them..monitoring the approach they use and other stuff(this is not a management class so lets cut the slack)

But in this field of ours,we get so used to off ppl going to Americas and Europe that thats the first thing that comes to our mind when someone mentions onsite. So heres the conversation that took place and shot me into a guy who "refused on-site" .

So one fine day while i was out (read smoking) with my friends i get a call from my PM asking me to come c i went to his cabin and he takes me to another cabin which was seating 5 more PM's. So after exchanging pleasentaries , this was what i was asked..

PM: "So whats your skillset"
Me: BLAH /Blah and blah
PM: Good...we are looking for a guy who knows these 3 + should also know blah and blah
Me: I havent worked in blah and blah but if u can arrange any trng i will a quick learner

PM: hmmmmm....and u r ok to travel onsite..
Me...(thinks about it for a while) NO
PM: Y? (A shocked look on his face)
Me: Have my family here
PM: Take them along...client will tc of all ur expenses...traveling/boarding/food.
Me: wife works wudnt be possible for me to take her along...unless u want to hire her..she also works in Oracle Apps
PM: is that ur final decision or u want some time?
Me: mmmmmmm(thinking).....Which city are we talking about here??

and then he drops the bomb.......

PM: its some 160 km from PUNE ....

hehehehehe...boy o boy...was i relieved or what....for first time in mylife i wasnt regretting my decision..and was proud of myself....For being ballsy enough to turn down the "offer" and to have sticked to my words(even though words like recession/bench/homeloan were still doing rounds in between my ears).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Too good-Too Short!!

Going back to your homeland is always good. Always reinvigorating. Its a funny thing about coming home...It Looks the same,smells the same, feels the same and then you realize that...whats changed is YOU.

A Fun Read

A few days back while i was on my way home, waiting for my flight, i picked up this book. I have to admit that the thing that caught my eye was the title of the book.(Its a guy thing after all ;) ). And as it turned out to be, it was a complete insight to a guy head(not that i needed one but its always heartening to know that there are other people(read Men) who think like you, act, talk and fake like u). The character,Debashish, an average student in DCE is your typical pervert-chap guy who lives by a word A.D.I.D.A.S(All Day I Dream About Sex), who is more interested in looking under a girl’s skirt than going under a car (He is mechanical engg. student).
You should go read this book if you are a guy and want to get in touch with your college life or if you are a girl who wants to know what men "really" think when it comes to relationships(of course im talking about relationships in college ;) ).

Friday, February 20, 2009


Thank God its Friday!!!!!!! Ive been craving for some breathing time for sooooo long now..sometime when i wont b thinking about what-do-i-wear-tomm or when-should-i-getup or is-my-shirt-ironed.Things have changed in my life and i reckon thats primarily due to the nature of my newjob. Not that my profile has changed or anything but the new organization has its own set of working rules (and hours too..made to spend 9 hours and 15 mins everyday *sigh*).

Im back to the Learning phase of my life and am learning few things..few things which i thought i had forgotton and thought i would never do them again. Like getting up @ 6 in the morning, having food on-time(Even bfast too), playing ball every evening, doing a lil bit of bird-watching ;), walking aimlessly, riding a bicycle(we have an option of riding bicycle from one end of campus to another).
Its a nice change!!!and like we have been told time and again.."Change is the only constant thing in life" im happy about this change...after all I wanted this change.

Am i enjoying it?Yes & No.

Personally Yes, but Professionally I think its gonna take me more time to get used to all these things. Now having said that, this certainly doesnt mean that im regretting my decision. Its just that i have to learn a few things and have to get used to this certain work culture. Like someone said "You cant iron your pants without taking them off" so unless i learn this new game here, i still will feel im an outsider here. Well a part of that is because its so fucking huge campus some 11k ppl working outta here which i think is 10 times that ppl we had in Genpact.

Sometimes i feel like im in some "University". Too many ppl around. Too many ppl who U dont know or who dont know you. Too many people managing FAR too many people. Aint nothing scary in that cuz everyone knows their role and dont like to poke their noses in somebody elses business. But being a LEO i want to be in thick of things and trust me things are pretty thick here...and it would b interesting to get down (and then rise up) to a level which i wudnt have done otherwise.
One week here and i feel happy...happy to be part of a "brand", happy to be working in day shifts, happy to be playing bball everyday..EVERYDAY, happy to be earning more. The only thing missing from my life now is a project :). Once i get something which helps me kill my 9 hrs effectively i will b CONTENT i think. And hopefully this will happen soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Captured!!Underground Sounds!!

Visited a shrine while i was home and as soon as i parked my car i could hear a sufi-like voice pulling me towards it. The gentleman in the picture had the most melodious voice i had ever heard in a long long time. Poor thing had to survive on charity. I feel a lot for Artists and players who arent given their due credit in life.

Captured!!Colors of Nature!!

Evenings like these bring the photographer in me ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stuck in my head!!

Well, past few days have been keeping me real busy. There is this song which has been going in a "repeat" mode between my ears and im not able to find it anywhere over internet or with any of my friends. The song is "Sanson ki mala pe" sung by legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Its a very irritating feeling and i would appreciate if you can help me be normal again. Please email me the song if you have it.