Friday, August 27, 2010

The Trip

Another run of Bad luck....another disaster, another couple of thousands that went down the drain. At times it seems i'm nothing but Gods punching bag or his dart board. It feels like whenever he is upset, he would just kick me in the gut and take his frustration out...and this time it has gone to a next my family...i know i'm dark and evil but at least spare them o god! Hurt me but spare them the pain..the physical pain at least...

'The Trip' was suppose to be a starting point...point from where good times would roll...but lil did i knew...Actually now that i think about it, I should have seen it coming, should have read the signs. From being the first one to reach the airport to being the first one to come back, this trip was full of disasters. 

The trip will be remembered for what we could have done rather than for what we did.

Being the person that i am, i still found couple of +ves.....Adversity bring out your character(did someone say this line) and i was impressed with coupla guys who showed their mettle and proved me right. 

Cheers guys!