Saturday, June 27, 2009

Silent Killers

I hate people who have opinion about everything...Having said that...Herez my opinion on Introverts

Introverts I feel have a better life, than extroverts. They are not exactly introverts so to say...they just dont open up with everyone...they do have a life, they do have best friends...they too would scream their guts out on a why do we call them INTROVERTS...

The thing that makes them different is that choose people....they play practical....If they like you, they will hang around with you else they wont care about you...They dont pretend to be someone they arent...They wont go bragging about how they are your best buddy and how they would do anything for you and then at the time of need show their ass and run away..and the best thing about them is that they handle criticism well....cuz all their life they have an additional pressure on them...pressure of people picking on them, watching them closely. I had a friend of mine who got the hottest girl in campus just cuz she thought he had a mystery around him...Lucky Bastard huh!!!

I'll tell u one thing...I 'tried' being an Introvert....I'm a very filmy kind of a guy...Inspired by some characters of some movie, I tried becoming an introvert( I really like when the bad guy just talks with his eyes, delivers one liners and walks away with box full of money and leaves carnage behind)..but to be honest, i get headache if i dont speak for over an hour..or stay home and dont talk to anyone or dont say something..humm a song...

Tell you one more thing.....I want to be a confidant to one Introvert guy..better gurl ;) !~!~! LOL !~!~!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~Writing on the Wall~

I remember me looking for suicide notes couple of months back(reasons..i also don’t know) but today while listening to a song, I felt that ive found a perfect suicide note( and u thought u know me ..huh!) ….If I ever commit a suicide..EVER!!! Following will be my suicide note


Sunday, June 14, 2009


Damn ..what a day!!! It was hot, it was humid and it just even more hotter in the evening. I've been home planning and replanning. These million questions....questions to which i didnt have no "Should i go pick him from airport?" .."Should i leave from my place or stay over at his place and then go"..."Should i goto office after that or should i just call in sick" ...and as usual i couldn't found no answers...

You feel bad when you have all these questions in mind and nobody to help you....I was feeling i decided to go online and decided to make others life miserable too...pick on someone....maybe that would make me feel better(it normally makes me feel better) while i was waiting ..i got pinged by one of my old bball we started talking about different things...from life, to job, to Basketball, to NBA finals.
Apart from the fact that both of us hate our jobs, we had another thing we hate...LAKERS...well lets not go harsh on LAKERS....lets just say that they arent my favourite team. So we talked about everything...from how this being the best chance for kobe to shut out his critics(to all those who say he cant win a championship without SHAQ..on his own) MAGIC being a one (Super)man army...from all the free agents to Phil Jackson fighting for his record 10th ring...thats when i told him that buzz is that Phil was dating LAKERS VP. so i sent him coupla show him who she was..and then he pasted me links of Kobes wife the time i was done looking at her pics...i had gotten another link..."HOTTEST SPORTS WIVES" ...i found it kinda funny....It has pictures and then a lil writeup about the couple...The funniest part was for golfer Tiger woods!!!This is what they had written about the woods wife.

"THIS IS WHERE TIGER SINKS HIS PUTTS" that was pretty funny...
I know you would love to see those trophies here is the link....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Traces of Character!!

There are lot of things which tell about 'you' as a person. From your handwritting, your signature, your way of interacting with people, movement of your hands while you talk to anyone....lot of things. So while i was taking a shower(Believe it or not, all these weird thoughts come to my mind while im in shower), i was thinking if your password tells anything about you or not. Your email id's generally tell lot of things about you :). I,myself had pretty weird email id's....Damn!!This is cracking me up!! The first email id of mine was 'indian_laden' :p...then drfunk( i actually had that written outside my door in hostel...wat a loser !!!! :p) then 'millitant' a fact..apparently i always wanted to be the bad guy...I guess ive made quite a name for myself

But coming back to passwords...are they as flashy as those id's? Personally ive had all kinds of passwords...from my best friends last name to my favourite basketball team (Pistons) to "butterchicken" to my home address and in between i even used 'qwerty' as my password....varied things/items/people. I discussed this with couple of my co-workers in office and got interesting remarks. One of them told me that her passwords are always based on a cartoon character. Other i know said she always uses word "sunny" in her passwords. I guess there are many things which tell about us. Perhaps when you get old, you can laugh about all these things.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a Word????

Acceptance...a small word with big implications. Its like an undercurrent. Before you realize you are pulled towards the ocean. In this case, the ocean of people judging you on different criteria, different parameters. Well..I guess things aren't meant to be simple always!!!

Like one of my friend said ...Its a Hard world.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Saints @ the ceremony!!!!

Couple of "saints" went to christening ceremony of a fellow saints daughter. A fun trip. We need to do it more often. Only if we all have time. Hmmm

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dream Realized

As a kid I used to accompany my granny to the construction site of our house and ive been told that at that time, all I wanted to become was a “labor”…… Having spent around 5 years in IT industry, I can safely say that I’ve realized my dream. :)