Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good ol' days!!!

Gone are the days when people used to ask you "U promise not to tell anyone???" before they could tell you something.

They now ask "U promise you wont put this on your blog???"

PS: This actually happened to me last night while i was out boozing with my friends.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Movies and Life!!!

The apartment complex that I live in is a semi-posh complex and as expected most of the occupants are IT professionals.

Now after having spent over a month with my new organization, I have realized that there are some faces who I see both @ apartment complex AND @ work.

The most interesting part about these familiar faces is that its a mixed group. While men do acknowledge each others presence with a smile or a "HI", women tend to pretend as total strangers, at least @ home. Maybe they want to play it safe which I totally respect. But How do you go about people who don’t know that YOU also stay in the same apartment complex. It’s a tough call. Especially when the person in question is a lady and even more when the anti-harassment policies are still fresh in your mind.

So this particular female not only shares the same company, the same building(it’s a huge campus btw) , the same floor in that building but also the same cubicle.

Well technically she sits in the next cubicle but neighbor is a neighbor I guess.

Not only do I see her @ work, I also see her standing outside the apartment complex waiting for a public transport. While she waits for the transport vehicle, I vrrrom pass her with my wife.

So I sometimes think (not wish though) to myself that someday If she is waiting for the public transport and If my wife isn’t with me, I will ask her if she wants a ride to office.

Just like it happens in the movies.

Aint nothing wrong in that huh!! Just being a Good Samaritan..that’s it!! And There ARE days when me and wife have different login timings but those are the days I don’t see her @ her “usual” spot.

Life is so different from movies.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joint Effort!!!!!

Dev D.?!?!?!? Nahhh...Amit C ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Two continents, Two countries, Two of my friends and one me.

You sometime tend to get stuck into a situation where you dont know how to react. You so get into the situation that you feel SPLIT. Yesterday brought one such moment for me. One of my friend in US was finally seeing his loooong time dream come true. Finally all his plans were rolling into action. Finally he was going to be the man of the moment. Finally this one day will make him forget about all the pain and turbulences he had gone through. I wish i could be there to celebrate this moment with him.

I did my part though. Part where i hung out with beer and whiskey and said cheers to him.

The other part of me, however, was sad. Sad cuz my best friend in town was going to US for couple of months. Even though i was excited for him and even though i was excited on the prospect of him getting me stuff(read shoes) a part of me was still SAD. I dont know. Maybe cuz some people play so important of a role in your life that you start hating your life without them. You would like them to be around. ALWAYS. Around, where you can see them, hear them laugh, hang out with them. Its like they become a part of your comfort zone. But like Le Chatelier's principle says, when you disturb the equilibrium, there are counter-effects. And im sad/worried about those counter effects. Anyways i sure hope that he finds this trip as challenging as he found his last one.

I did my part though. Part where i hung out with beer and whiskey and said cheers to him.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Its a funny word. Everybody wants everybody to act mature. But the reality is people expect their juniors to be more mature than their seniors or peers.

Talk about some double standards huh!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When in Rome, Act like a roman!! :)

Picture is worth a thousand words ....Aint it?!?!?!?!?! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oye Music Music Oye!!!

Well this is one movie that has got it all. Evidently, im obsessed by this movie. And like any other obsessed man, i turned towards Google for help. And what do i found?!?!?! Lyrics to one of my favourite songs from the movie "Tu Raja ki Raj Dulari" . Hope you will enjoy this.
Tu raajja ki rajdulari… main sirf langotte aala sun,
bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun.
Tu rajja ki chhori sai, mhare ek bhi dasi das nahi,
Shawl dushalle odhan aali, mhare kambal tak bhi paas nahi,
Tu bagga ki koyal sai, yadde barf pade hari ghaas nahi,
Kis tariya jee laagge tera, shatranj, chopad, taash nahi,
Kisi sahukaar sai bhyah karwa lai….
Sahukaar sai bhyah karwa lai, main khalis totte aala sun,
bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun,
Tu rajja ki rajdulari… main sirf langotte aala sun,
bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun.
Main dhoone mai tapya karun tu aag dekh ke dar jaagi,
Rakh ghol ke piya karun mera bhaag dekh ke dar jaagi,
Sau sau saanp pade reh gall mai naag dekh ke dar jaagi,
Taandav naach kare bann mai rang raag dekh ke dar jaagi,
Tane julfan aala chhora chahiye….Julfan wala chhora chahiye,
main laambe chotte aala sun,
bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun,
Tu rajja ki chhori sai, mhare ek bhi dasi das nahi,
bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun.
This is a haryanvi folk song… in fact a ragni. The context is the argument given by Lord Shiva to Parvati, who was desperate to marry him. Lord Shiva has been quoted as describing her the way he lives

Satyam Saga!!! Common mans thinking!!

Satyam-eva Jayate
The corporate malfeasance confessed to at Satyam has shocked the nation with words like “financial 26/11″ and “India’s Enron” being used to describe this catastrophe for India Inc. Satyam has been subject to ritual humiliations like having their corporate ethics award withdrawn and being taken off stock indices. The economic pundits are baying for blood. On the board floor.
But what does the man in the street think of all this?

Let’s find out

[Background music: Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Ishwar Satya Hain. Satya Hi Shiva Hain. Shiv Hi Sundar Hain. A haaa A haaaaaaa]
Samar is 16 years old and is in Class 11. This is what he had to say.
I don’t see what’s wrong in making a few untrue statements in the balance books. I mean come on dude. Everybody does that at school while doing lab reports. I mean how can one really get a straight line graph while plotting V vs I? It never happens. So you massage the data so that it “fits”. The teachers know it. The students know it. The teachers when they were students did it.

Mona is 33. She works in a cell center.

If you don’t have it, you pad it. Be they balance sheets or bra cups. That’s common knowledge. When prospective grooms come to our house, I always wear padded bras. My aunts told me to do so. Are they asking me to cheat? I don’t think so. And just to balance out that exaggeration, I also under-estimate. I say I am 25 years old.
And it’s not just the younger generation who are supportive of the management at Satyam.

Raghavan is 45. He works for the government.

So what’s the crime here? Using shareholder money to buy shares in the company your son runs at outrageously elevated prices? I mean if you are dragged over the coals for looking after your family, what is a man to do? Apne to aapne hote hain. What next? Ban the Congress Party?

Lalaji is 65. He has run a grocery for 45 years now.
My dad always used to tell me “Before you decide to be Harishchandra, remember what happened to him. And let that serve as a warning.” I have always followed that dictum and every successful business has to. I keep a metal weight below my scales, I put small bits of stone in the rice, I adulterate the cooking oil. I have two ledger books.

It’s not just me. The dairy-boy who my wife buys milk from has more water than milk. The asli desi ghee I buy is hardly asli. Everyone is tampering with numbers and ratios. Thats how it always has been with dhanda-giri.
There is just one crime in business. Just one.And that’s getting caught.

Not everyone was so outspoken however. When we asked Ajay, 53, himself an accountant how despite audits by a major accounting agency, nearly ninety four percent of the cash on Satyam’s books just does not exist, he merely smiled and said.

Magic !

In other news, unconfirmed reports suggest that the embattled CEO has been seen in half-sleeve shirts and suits and is reportedly currently working on developing 8 pack abs. This has lead many to speculate whether a “Ghajini” defense of anterograde amnesia may be mounted against a 7 year jail term, a defense that is intensely popular among powerful business owners. Viewers may recall that such a defense was successfully used by Sanjay Singhania, the telecom giant, to get an acquittal after he went on a murderous rampage for which he was not only accused of mass murder but also of gratuitously breaking all the laws of Physics and of good cinema.
Fade out music: (paraphrased song from movie “Gunda Mawali”) Raju awaara barsaat main, chori chori kya kar
PS: Read it somewhere on net and found it very hilarious. What do u do these days when u find something paste it over your blog :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


You can con the whole world and be whoever you want BUT you have to be TRUE to yourself.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Physics & Chemistry of Life!!!

I donno if it’s the organization or lack of company (people to talk to) or lack of work or god-knows-what, but I feel that ive been thinking a lil differently. When I say differently I don’t mean that im over-analyzing things or thinking profoundly, it’s just that I feel im seeing lighter side of things now… and when I do , I feel like telling everyone …and what other way that writing on it (Recession time boss! Can’t be calling everyone u c ;)).

So on one of my coffee breaks I was talking to my friend and some how on some topic he told me “Boss! For every reaction, there is equal and opp. Reaction”

And this really got me thinking. Thinking that we have learned some many principles and laws from our physics and chemistry course way back in school times, but do we still use it? Was it worth cramming the formulas? Was making chits aka Phaaarey worth the trouble?

Now I would expect a blank face or stare @ the floor or stare @ the ceiling (that’s what *I* used to draw/do in school times when any teacher would ask any question)from anyone who did his schooling some 10 years or more ago. So if I ask you what’s Ohm’s Law or Chain Reaction (concept behind Atom bombs) or Gauss's law or Newton’s laws of motion or Le Chatelier's principle, probably you will be doing the same things as well.

So I came back and started looking at what these Laws or Principles were and once I had revisited them, I found it funny that these still hold true in our daily lives. Here’s how: Lets first see what these Laws and Principles actually mean/say and then we would take my arguments forward.

Let’s take Gauss’s Law first.

Gauss’s Law states that “The electric flux through any closed surface is proportional to the enclosed electric charge”.
Now put you guys out of the misery, I will be telling you the meaning of difficult terms that will be used in these laws, flux being the culprit in this one.(You can always refer Wikipedia for any doubts :) ). So here is what flux means.
Flux is defined as the amount that flows through a unit area per unit time.

Ohm’s Law: I = V/R (Can’t get any simpler than this… but still if you want me to spell it out for you it means current = voltage / resistance)

Chain Reaction: We all know what this is. Aint it? Fission and Fusion reactions (that was my favorite topic in chemistry)

Le Chatelier's principle: If a chemical system at equilibrium experiences a change in concentration, temperature, volume, or total pressure, then the equilibrium shifts to counter-act the imposed change. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Now if you think you think we are getting too technical here and you think you don’t use these in your life, READ ON!!

So let’s start with Chain reaction… In case your onsite manager gets an earful from the client, be ready for some sweet-chin-music…and in case you are the offshore lead, the effect surely will be cascaded down to people under you.

Ohm’s Law: Well I=V/R always will hold true, no matter which field you work in. IT or no IT you will have to use this wisely or atleast take care of the R component wisely. This law in modern times of IT means

Increment =

And Vision here, of course, is your managers. The more you try to resist his views/vision the less will be your salary increment.

Le Chatelier's principle: Its very important for all the stakeholders to realize that any team which is doing well can easily be disturbed by lack of concentration/lack of appreciation, by a new member coming into the team or by asking them to deliver more when they already are your best performers. How many times have you seen an employee or a performer cribbing about his manager or his team not acknowledging his work or taking load of all his team members on his shoulders.

Gauss’s Law: The bigger the goofup, the bigger be the “heads-to-roll” list. So suddenly if you see lot of activity in your managers room , you should know that something big is cooking.

So that’s my take on the physics and chemistry of life. I know some of you would like me to add some topics or rules or laws from Biology as well here but to all those pervert minds I have just one thing to say “Goto

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Future Gadgets!!!!

I’m, officially, now the last person from our batch to be without work. Everyone who joined with me has been aligned to some project.
How do I feel about it?
It’s a mixed feeling…im, obviously, happy for them but im a lil sad that no one will hangout with me from now on. I mean I will get to hear phrases like “I’ve to rush, I’ve got a meeting” or “No dude, I cant working on something” *sigh* ……Anywz we will see how it goes.

So ive been a loner for coupla days now and I thought it would be good for me if I can get my book and read while im in office(even though im scared of getting caught) I went to my friends floor (different technology track/ diff side of building....thats actually my way of telling me that i wont be caught here) and was reading the book (Babyji) in his cubicle, when his phone buzzed. So my ideal mind thought that maybe it was our 3rd friend trying to call us for coffee/juice break.

“Who is it” I asked.
“It’s the low battery indicator, saying only 10% battery left” he replied.

I went back to reading my book. I had just read one line when the phone buzzed again.

“Who now” I asked again.
“It’s the same alert from the cell” he replied.

So I was thinking how we can get future gadgets listen to them.

Like phone vibrates, you pick it up and have a look @ it…”10% battery left”. You ignore the message, maybe cuz you don’t have time to look for charger and get back to work or maybe you just don’t care.

After 5 minutes the phone vibrates again, and this time when you pick it up and see, it would read “Are you blind????? Im dying!!!!” . You still will ignore the warning and go back to whatever you were doing.

Then after some time when you want to make a call, you will realize that your cellphone has powered itself off. So you find your charger, plug it in and try to turn on your phone. And this is what would happen.

You try to switch on the phone. The message comes: “Now you want me huh!!!!”, you feel embarrassed and press “Yes”.

You are an a$$hole, you know that rite?!??!?!?!” …You can’t really do much but press “Yes”.
Don’t you dare do this to me again!!! You got that!!!” … “Yes” is your reply again.

And then it finally would come back On. Well you have a choice of selection "NO" as well but then you wont have your phone working.

What are you thinking man” said my friend as he tapped on my shoulder.
Pass me the charger”. I passed him the charger kept on my side of the desk , smiled at the thought and continued reading my book.
The phone buzzed again, maybe after 10 seconds of him putting it on charge, and I was wondering if the phone was acknowledging the feed by saying “Thanks”.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pistons Calendar for March-09

Pistons kick off their march against the "Champs".

PS: As long as AI is on bench, i think they will do good :p