Saturday, July 18, 2009

Main, Meri Patni ..aur bijli band !!!!!!

"A Man and a Storm never issue a warning before descending on you".

The statement jumpstarted my lazy sunday morning. LOL!!!

Apart from the statement, the article also made me think about my horrendous U.P trip(experienced way back in college days)...personally it was a very overwhelming trip, trip full of emotions...from happiness to sadness to disgust to fear..everything.

I had gone to attend a wedding. The wedding was at a place called HAPUR(less than 80 kms from the capital). I was excited for the trip..excited because I had already heard some shocker of the news before we even planned our trip. News like there were two marriages that were suppose to happen in 2 consecutive days....One of my friends neice and second of my friends younger brother......looking for the shocking part????? here it comes....His neice was just 16 and considering we were in college doing our masters i think his younger brother wouldnt be older than 20-21. I had already asked my friends a zillion questions ...Questions about the hurry they were in, and why were they doing this to them ...but he had only 1 answer to all my questions..."Thats how it happens in my place"..and i wasnt buying that answer cuz he was "in college" and still un-married...a Virgin for that if that was the case, he should have been married to...but me being me ...didnt wanted to take it to an argumental level and decided that I would see for myself.

So coming back to this article I read in todays newspaper, it so true that people dont have anything to do..i mean out of 24 hours, the so called "posh areas" get electricity for mere 4 hours and that too from 2am to!!!!

The site and sound of the place still haunts me....There were children everywhere...everywhere you see...and if u sit in ur room and close ur eyez..the only sound you can heard was of children...some crying..some playing..some to beat this cacophony me and my friend, who had travelled with me from college, decided to go for a walk...walk in the fields...In countryside, especially in India, you cant miss two things:
  • Lush green farms and
  • Children playing cricket
Me and my friend both are from farmer family so we decided to goto farms and see what kind of tools do they use know like picking the best practices :) ...U.P is known for its sugarcane production.....and we were surprised to see 10-12 foot high sugarcanes...i mean we do sugarcane plantation in our state as well, but the max we get is a 5-6 that was really impressive..and immediately got us thinking that how could a state so rich in plantation be so poor....we had just one answer...Population!!!

anyways, we went over to the kids who were playing...seeing us come towards them, they stopped and asked us if we would like to play..we played with them for a while...and then after we were done, we sat near a tubewell and asked them about their names and schools they study in...all of them were from the village school..and told us that even though it was a wednesday, there was no school for them ...REASON??? It was sarpanchs(village heads) daughters wedding :) ...

We asked them about their favourite cricket players....they stared at us with a blank face, as if we had asked them to spell checkoslovakia(I too googled it)....

They told us that they dont watch cricket...."cuz there is no electrcity in the village"

Someother things that we found out during our stay were:
  • There was no chemist shop in the close vicinity( so no using contraceptives)
  • Sarpanch(Village head) himself had 9 kids...Talk about leading from the front
  • Electricity Poles didnt had wires..story goes that wires were stolen
  • The night never seemed so beautiful...i have never seen bigger stars in the sky..maybe cuz of lack of pollution

I used to get real mad at him for not replying to my emails during vacations...not after that trip

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taking Stock~Talking Sock!!!!

I sometime wonder as to What is a more disgusting site…a guy wearing sagged socks(the ones which have a loose elastic) or a guy wearing NO socks with leather shoes???

I detest both these breed of people. Im sorry to say but we as in Indians still have to realize that socks are ALSO part of the dressing. A very important one for that matter.Ive seen gazillion guys wearing proper formals but when it comes to socks, they would make a complete fool out of themselves.

While some wear Black trousers, nice formal shirts.. GREEN socks…or shining BLUE socks or sporty ankle sock, others do it The other way round. They would wear formal socks with sports weird is that!!!! I know it’s a part of the clothing which is not quiet visible but that doesn’t mean you can wear anything or NOT wear anything. That’s stupidity.

It was the same case with undees sometime back. But now people treat their undees as if it’s a thing to show off…I guess in some more years socks will improve too.

I will try to click some pictures of such guys and maybe that will tell you what that means!!! ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Goodbye Guys!

There are a very few people who you call friends in this corporate world. And Just when you think that life couldn't get any better, they get an Onsite assignment.

Such is Life is guess!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My HERO!!!

There is one character that I totally admire and idolize. One guy I always aspire to be. One guy I know I would never become. He is the guy who gave India two golden words. Two words that rocked the world. Two words that still echo in million hearts.


Its none other than the legendary Shaheed Bhagat Singh.
Im a proud Punjabi and he gave me enough reasons to be proud.

If you want to know more about him. Click here

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hold on, Be Strong!!!!

I dont know about others but I love cooking...I love cooking when i feel like cooking..By choice i.e. And there is nothing like sipping beer or scotch while cooking. Drink while cooking seems to be my mantra.

If it wasnt for the changed me, today would be have been an ideal day for Rum and Coke. I cooked today...and what do i do....Drink while cooking..but only this time around, it was nothing more than "orange juice".

Talk about resisting the temptation !!!!!

PS: It takes a lot of determination to ignore the beer bottles sitting in your fridge.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Going Green!

July 1 182/183…that’s what my calendar showed today….Aint nothing special about this day..I mean it’s not a’s not a weekend…nothing special happened @ work…But come to think of it and I realized that this indeed is a special day for me…Special because It marks 6 months of me being a vegetarian..a Huge achievement…It is something that makes me feel proud of myself. Honestly I never thought I could come this far with this thing, and trust me it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I mean imagine going out in a group and people around you having all kinds of chickens and mutton and beefs while you munch on green salad. And being a BIG GUY definitely doesn’t help the cause. While others would order just one plate of any of those dishes, you probably would have to order that damn salad 3-4 times…at least I did and it feels kind of odd. Or Imagine you going to a friend’s Bday party and eating munchies while others are feasting on home cooked chicken and Beef.

But now when I look back, I feel good. I feel good that I had the determination. Feel food that I was strong enough to say “NO”.

Am I happy? Yes and no!! Yes cuz I came this far and NO cuz I feel that I am missing out on something J …the real test however would be when I go home.

How long is this going to go? I guess its gonna b like this for another 6 months…maybe after I complete a year, I won’t have the craving( I doubt that though!)

What Next!!???? Let’s just say that ive become a teetotaler from today(yea..Laugh all you want..will c u on 31st Dec ’09)…I wonder what im gonna go with 2 beers sitting in my fridge!!! Heard beer is a good conditioner….*sigh* if only I had hair on my head!!!!