Sunday, June 26, 2011


There are things that symbolize you and then there are things that symbolize your friends. Friends or no friends those tags are never removed from memory. 

Red Mustang, Lola carrots are the ones I wanted to mention in this post!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jump Start

What a start to the morning!!! Got up at 6 only to see a Voice Mail by my best friend Simon saying that he wants to get his head straight and would like some time alone. I mean its not like i call him everyday and pester him. This was the first time i was calling him 2011.
I know he had big plans with life and wanted to be somebody but who doesn't? Isolation won't help!! 
Slowly and steadily all my BEST friends have drifted away. Some are busy with their lives, some don't want me in theirs. Read an article on net which said that there is a phase where we want to go the extra mile and want to be the next Big thing but in the process we ignore lot of things, hurts some sentiment. And once the phase is over we find that there is nobody to share the success with. 

Looks like its gonna be a Shitty Friday.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


When do u know you are old?
When you see ur little cousin, who literally pooped in ur lap, on social networking sites expressing their love for a guy in public. 

Time really Flies!!! Isn't it?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Balling @ Golds

There are people who hog and still look good and then there is me, who even if doesn't eat anything will keep swelling. Yea!! That's the exact word. SWELL!!!

I mean I have been pretty careful about my diet and my alcohol intake but still I keep growing. So the only logical reason I could derive from this was that my body misses the outdoor activity (read Basketball). So I enrolled myself in GOLDS GYM. That's right, the legendary GOLDS GYM. I, initially, thought that I would get stuck with the boring treadmills and machines but yesterday during the guided tour I was told that there is an indoor basketball court. How awesome is that!!! 
But today when I went there, I didn't gear up for a basketball game. cuz u knw, its the first day in the gym, don't know the gyming ethics here...yaddie yaada yaada... To cut the long story short, I didn't expect to play today but couldn't resist going to the court. 
"Just to check out the level of the game here" is what i told myself. And i ended up playing. Too bad we had to stop in between. A guy twisted his ankle pretty bad and we called it a day.

But I'm happy that I found one thing that would make me happy, help me relieve the stress and kill my loneliness here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

House Party

Second week was pretty rough @ work. 

The above one-liner can't actually sum up my situation @ work. Since my travel got postponed  by a week, I'm made to do the catching up act. Time lines have remained the same and deliverables have piled up. But lets not get you guys into my shit-o-sphere. The point is that its been a crazy week and all i could think of was Friday night. I wanted to just go @ it as if there is no tommorow and that's exactly how it happened. 

Couple of guys here got promoted and wanted to celebrate the achievement with everyone. So late Friday an impromptu meeting was called by the new 'PM'. Menu/Venue was decide, roles were assigned and wheels were set in motion. As expected I was asked to pick the what did i pick?

Couple of bottles here were 1.75L and along with these we had atleast 500 + beer cans..atleast...ranging from Bud to Stella to heineken to Miller to Coors to Corona.... So 9pm is when everyone was expected to gather around but since we (read Indians) think its COOL to arrive late the party kick starter by 10 and the house party was ON.

I donned my bartender hat and took my spot at the counter. Mixed drinks, music(one of the guy had some real nice songs) and helped people stay clear off sensitive topics :).

Since ours was the last group to leave at 5 in the morning( we ran outta beer too), I think i have the rights to sum it up as CRAZY PARTY. The level of craziness was such, that Mr.PM calls me next day and ask me "What happened yday dude" :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Larger than Life!

Wow!!! Came across some really cool articles over the internet. I mean if you thought you have done/seen it all, wait till you read this.

AIR travel no more for Acrophobic people: AIRBUS just revealed prototype images of their latest 'fully transparent Airbus'. I mean seriously. The takeoffs and landings will surely be a bone chilling experience for some. Not only this WONT have any 'class' difference but it would also have a BAR and Gaming zone. Hello Sao Paulo!!!! Here I come, in 2050 though!

Checkout the images!

Theme park: 
Ferrari is going to open the gates of the worlds largest indoor theme park. Coming from Italian Car giants I can't even imagine what its gonna be. Rides are generally pretty fast but imagine this coming from Ferrari. The article said that one of the ride would touch the speed of 240 KMPH in less than 5 seconds;of course with hairpin bends and twisted tracks.WOW!!!

The magnitude of the size can be figured out from the fact that the Ferrari logo is so gigantic that its large enough to house 7 basketball courts. Abu dhabi surely will be the next tourist hot spot.

All the superlatives suddenly feel superfluous huh!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


A newly wed Indian couple moved into the apartment above and all i hear is the squeak noises. Nothing new ..rite??!?!?! Wrong!!! Its a pattern and the timings are weird...6am in the morning, lunch time, 6pm, 9pm, 11pm...fixed time slots. 

I could have lived with the moans but squeaks?!?!?!?!?That would classify as 'Noise'...

*Googling for best 'noise' cancellation headphones*

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Damn its hard to find a car in here especially when u don't know shit about model/miles/kbb shit.
Anyone volunteering to help?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Town!

Like Frank Sinatra said
"This Town, is a lonely town,
not the only town, like this town"

Man what a quiet town this is...anyone who comes to America has a certain perception about the country; from what we see in T.V or read in papers. But this is totally different, totally unheard of. Haunting silence, open spaces everywhere..good change coming from a concrete jungle. Still somehow am not bothered with the scary quietness of the town. Maybe its due to the fact that I'm kind of person who likes to mind his own business, stay inside and listen to music. Not really a company seeking person but definitely don't mind being in company of someone. Or maybe its been just 1 week for me. Maybe in due course of time I will long for a good company and will get bored of this place but as of now i'm busy in setting up everything. It's fun shopping for practically everything. Long live walmart :)