Friday, April 13, 2007

Lonelyness is lovelyness, porn is norm, wanking tops rankings

Ever since I can remember, I've always been hooked to porn. Contrary to my earlier beliefs, my passion for porn did not lose intensity even after I lost my virginity and had an active sex life. All men love porn, and those who say they don't are either lying or, gay.

As everything else that holds my interest, I like to get deep into everything and I do believe I'm one of the very few people outside of California and the porn industry who knows every single porn actress by their screen names. So, below I list my 8 favorite pornstars in order, and the reason why I rate them better then others.

Have a look ladies and gentlemen, and any feedback would be more then welcome. Please feel free to have a look at these ladies on google.

Please note I've only included pornstars active in late 90's and 2000's , the years I've been watching porn.

7. Lori Michaels

Potrait of a Lady - Rated purely for her sex appeal. Not one of the more popular porn stars Lori however, is certainly one of the best looking.

6. Tera Patrick
Her reputation precedes - Needs no description, does Tera Patrick? Perhaps the single most famous pornstar in the history of porn.

6. Nikki Benz
Blonde Perfection - If I were to fuck a blonde, it'd have to be, without a second thought, it'd have to be Nikki. This Ukranian born Canadian could have you feeling horny even if you were sitting bare butted on ice somewhere in Antartica.

5.Janine Lindemulder
The porn 'artist'. Claims to be in the industry because porn is an art form, and Janine would very comfortably make it to any hall of fame in porn industry.

The Crush Factor. Very few people would agree to Jenteal being among top 5 or top10 or even top20 porn sluts of all time. For me though, she is right up here at number 4 because she's got that extra sommin!

3. Stacy Valentine
The Bedroom Package - Consists of a pack of condoms and Stacy Valentine makes up for anything else that maybe required. Many people will disagree, but hey Ive rated these women based on how they look and perform in their films, not in real lives.

2. Catalina Cruz
You cannot find a better looker! You can-not disagree. You can-not simply CAN NOT find a better looking pornstar! Catalina Cruz aka Jenna-Z takes that title even though shes not the top ranked pornstar, she has the best looks.

1. Crissy Moran
Ladies and Gentlemen, If I were to marry a porn-star, I don't think I'd marry anyone other then this lady here - Crissy Moran! Crissy is the top stuff, the cream, the better rater any time any day any week month or year. Crissy takes the top spot, and by some margin too!

I know a lot of my close friends, associates and enemies would like to say a few words, lines or sentences, filled with humor, contempt, kindness, dis-regard, dis-belief, dis-gust, dis-approval or diss-missal. Your all more then welcome to.

I do thank you all for your kindness in making enough time for your pal/associate/enemy to be reading my worthless email thus far.

Moving on, I'll list 2 of the most disgusting pornwomen in my opinion. Of course, some of you will disagree so please note it is just my opinion and no one else's.
2. Gauge
1. Anjali Kara
And I wouldn't piss on these women if someone paid me to do it. Filth in the ugliest form right there.

However, I hope you will all appreciate the amount of time and thought that went into this article.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


I always thought, wat can possibly go wrong if i ask for a gud carrier in IT industry and even if something goes wrong i was ready to take that ,because to me this job was more than a job ....This job holded the key to everything which i ever dreamt of .....this would have got me practically everything.....Social status, parental satisfaction( who like any other parents always under-rated me ), travelling BY-AIR and most importantly marriage to my GF for 4 years.

Not once did i thought


cuz Firstly, I'm not good at thinking and more of "Lets See wat happens " kind of a person and secondly this wasnt any movie wherein i, the HERO, will have 10 options to choose from ....So without giving a second thought i caught the next train to Hyderabad.

Now this might sound caliched or some dialogue from any movie...God has always been kind to me and he always conveys his messages thru signals.....and looking back i guess this was one of those last warning types signal...

The Day i was supposed to JOIN my first job, i was told that my DOJ(Date of Joining) has been postponed by a week. I was still new to this S/W industry and wasnt sure if this was NORMAL or the prayers of all my FOES have been answered. Anywz this was a gud time for me to explore the city and being a person who likes travelling, i used to walk aimlessly, checking out the city bt primarily OBSERVING PPL, mostly from IT industry

Things which i noticed about these ppl were
1) They were too involved in their own lil world and were unfazed by wat was happening in the so called OUTSIDE-WORLD , even CRICKET Matches

2) They keep punching those keys in their cell phones ( I wonder doing wat )

Anywz finally,finally da day came when i gt a call from the HR and was asked to comeover and complete the joining formalities....

3 years and when i look back at my life, look back at those 3 GLORIOUS years as "S/W PROGRAMMER", i sometimes wonder is this a CURSE and i keep asking myself "Have i done something real bad to EARN this kinda life". I mean

  • package looks gud (only in papers)
  • u buy a nice lil apartment for urself (which is far from being a HOME)
  • u come back home just to catch ur sleep
  • plan to catch up with ur friend but some last moment issues cancels all ur plans
  • you watch cricket/football/basketball at ur new plasma TV to get a REAL life feel bt you dont remember when was the last time you stepped onto the REAL FIELD

and some ppl like me who go all da way and stay in contact with their near ones(in my case my wife) through EMAILS.

Its nt that we IT programmers work in some NASA project or have to do rocket science but its just that this field sucks Blood outta ur lyfe...or shud i say sucks LIFE outta you. Leaves you with no time for urself and in this RAT RACE to earn more u kind of forget wats REAL YOU and WHY you came here..

Sometimes i wonder, what would be a life without MS OUTLOOK


Sunday, January 14, 2007


Desires drive us all.....