Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Luck!

One of my friend has a very big day ahead of him tommorow. He is fighting for a chance to see his beloved.. i hope that this year ends on a high note for him and once he gets his prayers answered, he will have something to look forward to in next year...be it just 3 months only...it will definitely be a start...AMEN!!!!!

Dont worry dude.."Everythingz gonna be all right"

Monday, December 29, 2008


We generally take our frustration(s) out on someone who we know will be always with us, someone who will listen to all our yelling and still be around..like a girlfriend of over a year, mother, father or a wife. Someone who we know will listen to all our bullshit and still be around for us to go back to them and say sorry.

Some Drink for thought i must say ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some more Resolutions!!!

12/31/08 , last day of this year, time to look back on the years that has gone and, time to make some new promises ...some to keep and some to break....but this year i think im gonna stick to my guns and try to achieve whatever i decide or stick my mind to(thats wat i said last year too :) )

So herez my Resolution list :

  • They say "Health is Wealth"....so first and foremost my resolution will be to a) maintain my weight in double digits this year and b) to get back to a moderate 36 inch waist line...maybe by end of Q2-09
  • To be a regular face @ the gym
  • To abstain myself from drinking BEER/RUMS/VODKA/AERIATED DRINKS...I guess that means i'll have to live on WHISKY and SCOTCH ;)
  • To "not-to" feast on any food buffets this year
  • To try and be a vegetarian this year..(wish me luck)
  • To do a lil more travelling, take a week off every quarter and visit all the nearest place or hill stations or explore new places locally.
  • To file for immigration this year.
  • To finally buy a book and start preparing for GMAT and IAS services(both extremes i know)
  • To, inshah-allah, continue my travelling streak abroad.
  • To save some money and eventually bring my loan account down *sigh*
  • To try and be the same energetic and enthusiastic person that i was coupla years back.
  • To "not-to" forget birthdays this year and make sure that atleats a call/text is made/sent.

Hmm..not so tough looking list huh.....Drinking and Gym will b tough acts to keep ...but lets c :)

Text to brother...

Gaye c Hyd darshan....Saree shopping, Pearl shopping..
shaam ho gayi and today being a saturday mood jeha v kar reha c
taan pher 5 bande cab ch baitha ke..Qtr Pepsi di bottle ch paa ke
jad peg 2 andar jaande ne, BYGOD mitra sarkari bas v mercedez jaapdi aa
ghar aande taak no thakawat, no fatigue
swad ehi aa zindagi daa ......bhruaaaaaaaaaaa

I have it in me!!!!

Dont care about the pollution no more...
Dont care about too many people no more...
Dont care about this cacophony no more...
Dont care about the day long travel no more...
Dont care about the aching foot no more...
Dont care about anyone @ home no more...

I guess I have "it" in me... :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


How will you react when you share a great achievement with one of your good friends and he/she says that "Its disappointing to have known this from someone else"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Highs and Lows!!!2008!!

Just like every year this year too showed me some exciting HIGH's and some terrible LOWS. But apart from some huge,inevitable losses this year has turned out to be a good one for me. So let me list down the various Highs and Lows.


I have my own address now: In Feb'08 i bought an apartment for myself and personally i feel that this will be the highlight of my life. 26, Happily married and a decent job definitely has helped me in achieving this.

Visiting US with my wife: Visiting US for the second time wouldnt have been fun(especially if u goto the same place and expect to meet same people) if it wasnt for my wife. I was super excited to have her and even though we didnt get to spend a whole lot of time together(thanks to my job, but hey we FINALLY went LIVE) we still manage to have some fun. I must admit that it definitely helped us grow as a COUPLE.

Reunion in US/INDIA: Just like one of those VISA commercials

  • Trip to US: 1800$
  • Gifts for veryone: 300$
  • Having a drink with your Best Friend: PRICELESS

End of Frustrating Times: They say "Uneasy Lies the Head that wears the crown". Neither am i a king nor do hold any kingly responsbilities or decision making powers but yet i wasnt(past tense cuz i think its getting over soon) enjoying the life i was living, read PROFESSIONAL life.


Death of my GRANNY: It really hurts to loose someone you love, someone who has been with you always, someone whos life is full of sacrifices. And it hurts even more when your profession doesnt allows you to attend her last rituals. This tragedy has surely eclipsed all the above written JOYS/HIGHS. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Fall Out: Whats more tragic, physical loss of a friend or Fall out with a friend? Noone likes to fall out with their friends/mentors but at times there comes a point when you have to take a stand and this leads to hard feelings between people. Anyhow, looking back at it now i do realize why Communication is important in a relationship.

Still a few more days for this year to end and i rather do something else than editing this post especially in the LOWS section. I wont mind adding a few HIGH's though ;)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Wheels of Fortune are rotating....Let the GOOD times ROLL!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happiness is back!

Past coupla days have been a laugh riot...i dont think i have laughed this much in my entire life...Looks like things are gonna change...and change for GOOD!!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Is being possessive a bad trait?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Do not worry about those who have come through boats
Our forces can easily defeat them

WORRY about those who have come through Votes
Those are our REAL ENEMIES

Courtesy one of the many emails floating around after the 11/26 attack of Mumbai.