Friday, January 29, 2010

Lucky Bastard!!

Look whoz promoting NBA in India.

I wonder why this wasnt publicized in India. Till the time people know the association, the game wont grow. Its unfortunate that things like these get no where. Luckily, this got into hands of a hardcore basketball fan and here I am promoting the game.

Help me spread the word and eventually the Game.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reviewing 2009 and the road ahead

Wow!!! Look @ THIS...this was my last years resolution list...and guess what..i didnt accomplish anything...NOTHING...ZIP....ZILCH.....NADA......hmm...aint particular proud of this fact but hey look @ the brighter side...I stayed on course for most part of the year.....

  • Weight was in double digits..ok...lemme be honest, its still in triple digits..but hey it didnt go up!!!!!!!! thats good..thats consistency :)
  • Played ball on regular basis, 2009 was good for Basketball...won a Championship Ring too[Just one though!!! :( ]
  • Didnt stay clear from spirits...all the incidents that happened, didn't help either...will have to find a different approach to handle this...
  • Have been eating healthy for a year now...and in proportion thats gud too..
  • Travelled to some unknown places in 2009 and intend to continue the same in 2010 as well. Am already planning a trip to Leh/Ladakh...
  • Did nothing for immigration. Hey I'm not a bummer, it just shows how much I love my country :)
  • Got GMAT book but thats being used by someone else. Plan to finish it off by this summer.
  • On-site streak was broken in 2009. Wouldnt mind a company sponsored trip but dont expect anything from this company. Anything that comes will be a bonus.
  • Did no savings. Bought certain things which weren't needed, things that sucked up all my savings. This is a must do in 2010.
  • The charmer is back but with a changed mindset. Think myself as a servant of humanity. Let people remember you for things u said/did. Clock is ticking, life is short.
  • Was a social person for most part of the year but then it went right back into my shell.
Other things that happened in 2009:


Well got high many times in 2009, high on alcohol not on life though. And that actually sucks.

  • Buying a car was a high(till it got rammed by a truck).
  • Winning a championship rings with this team was definitely a high. Fact that it was their first makes it even more sweeter.
  • Mom got retired from her job. Damn!! What an achievement!!! 35+ years of service for same organization. Can't even imagine doing anything like that.
  • Made some friends (for life or not??!?!?!? we shall soon find out).

  • Fallout with my GF tops the list. The bond isn't the same anymore. Hope time heals everything.
  • Shitty job would be a closed second on this list. There is nothing worse than having a fucked up boss. And a woman boss make things worse. There are certain things she also dont ability to fuck people without having a dick. She should write that under achievements section of her appraisal.
  • There is nothing worse than death of good people around you. Its like they take all the +ve energy with you. Honey(my cuz), Tim...may you soul rest in peace. Crack a deal with the lord and book a suite for me, u never know.....*drip*
  • The fight with the LORD!!! Had many unanswered questions and as a result of that I crossed swords with 'him'. (Hey we have called it a truce now...havent we *looks for fist pump*)
There are other things as well, but I think I've already told you guys all those sad stories.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happie New Year!

2009 was a pretty bad year..nothing spectacular happened(apart from the fact that I helped my company win their first ever corporate championship). Everything went down the hill for me, both on personal and professional front.

A lost friendship, a job that sucks, a team that doesn't know how to stay together, Questioning the mere existence of GOD!!!????? ...nothing worked in 2009

I wish 2010 turns the tide for me..And you all too!!!!

Have a wonderful year ahead!!

Celebrate Life!