Thursday, March 3, 2016


Is being content a bad thing in todays world? 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 - Things to Do

  1. Start Reading
  2. Be a vegetarian for 6 months 
  3. Give up alcohol in the second half of the year.
  4. Answer calls
  5. Take a course in UW
  6. Keep working out - First target 220, next 200
  7. Learn Swimming
  8. Strong left dribble
  9. 1 shoe a Qtr 
  10. Visit India
  11. One foreign trip a year.
  12. Manage my finances responsibly
  13. Buy a house

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Dear Brother,

I know life has been tough off late and i know you must be feeling alone and responsible for the state of things but don't over think. I don't want to sounds philosophical so all i'd say is "SHIT HAPPENS". Everyone screws up and you or me are no different. I, for one, am way more experienced than you in fuck ups and if I tell you things turn out fine in the end then things will surely get back to what they were if not better.

Sitting miles away, knowing all this happened and being, unable to do anything is what is eating me from inside. Especially when I don't know what's a fact and what's overstated. I have heard so many things from so many random people that it hurts. It hurts for the fact that they knew all about it and I didn't had a clue. It hurts for the fact that you chose them over me; decided to go ask for help from them but not me. I know that out of 30 years of my existence, we have only spent a year or two together but all those choices were made FOR us not BY us. 

I remember, when I was getting older I used to ask you to let me take the scooter out so that I could impress my girl friend at that time , and even though you'd take 20 mins, you would say YES. You would play hard ball for all my demands but you would eventually cave in. Now, when I think of those times, I feel that I should have probed you harder ,cuz in hindsight I could sense something was wrong in your voice. Maybe the hurt I feel is because 'I' failed as a brother.

I fear that all this negative talk will take the wind out of all of us so I will cut it out and at the risk of sounding philosophical all I'd say is that every cloud has a silver lining and 'our' silver lining is that we are all in this together. Everybody is supportive of you and no one is questioning your capabilities or intentions. I'm happy that you have picked yourself up and have started afresh. No start is small as long as it brings a sense of satisfaction. Again this might sound a little douchey but success is a measure that's decided by other, satisfaction on the other hand is decided by you. This is what you taught me and this is what I truly believe in. 

I know no one wants to be in the position we are in and no one will. This will end pretty soon. Let's stay focused and deal with this together.

Missing you,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Home Sick

Life has become so depressing off late. With all the things that have transpired at home, i can only imagine what my parents would be going through. They put up a brave, unfazed face when they talk but deep down i know that they know that they didn't need any of this. Not at this stage of their life. And i can only sit here and write. I mean come to think of it, now it has become a necessity for me to stay here so that i can help them...financially if not emotionally. 

I have my poker face up for the world to see but at times this second life gets to you and you wish you weren't a part of all this mess. And then being away from home at days like today (Diwali day) adds insult to the injury. 

For second straight year i am away from home, away from friends, away from my family. While everyone else posts pics, messages on facebook, twitter i just feel like going home and sleeping. Maybe it will be a better day tomorrow. 

Happy Diwali to everyone!


Monday, June 4, 2012


True definition of "Middle of No where"

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seattle - Stint 2 - Chapter 1

I began my second stint of Seattle 2 weeks back and i'd have to say i feel kind of at home. I mean i was hear last year for 3 months so that has certainly helped me in getting to know the places. I mean its a lot less fun now since the people i was with last time are either in India or in different time zones here in US but i know where to get things from and how to get there, so that's definitely a BIGG plus.

But the +ve of this trip so far has been that i, so far, have stuck to my plan. I mean in these 2 weeks I haven't eaten outside (so no junk/processed food) and i have only went out for drinks once. I definitely am proud of the latter. 

I plan to get myself into double digits this time( less than 220 lbs i.e.) . Currently i weigh somewhere between 240-245 and I have given myself 6 months for it. I mean this is one of the reason i'm trying to get a car for myself cuz getting around here in Seattle is a pain in the arse.

I have read some articles and have come across some really interesting, do-able things. Some of the interesting points that i have decided to put on here are only for self-motivation and in case anyone wants to make use of them, please go ahead. 

I will keep adding/writing as an when i achieve something. Pardon me if this gets too boring for you.
  • Losing a pound requires cutting 3,500 calories from your diet or burning the same amount. By reducing your calories by 500 each day, you'll lose a pound each week. A 160 lbs person burns around 606 calories running at 5 miles per hour, but a 240 lbs person burns 905 calories.
  • "You wouldn't set off driving to California without a map. You'd get lost".  Keep a food journal and a workout journal, and follow a specific workout plan.
  • Eat a mix of protein and simple sugar after your workout. Protein will help your muscles grow, which will lead to further fat-burning. This mixture will also help your body recover from the workout faster, Arent says, so you'll be less sore and can work out more frequently, increasing your results.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flashback 2011

As the last sun of 2011 sets on me, I sit here drunk assesing the year that went by. Like any other year of my life 2011 too had its ups and downs. Even though the year was mostly spent in US, the fun quotient was reduced due to me being away from family and friends. Stayed away from my wife, couldnt see simon, xenas plans kept getting pushed, nba season started after i left; all these took the fun away from what could have been an amazing year.

Good thing about this year was that i eventually saved some money that helped me bring down the mortgage of my house. I cleared the air with my best friend and we got back together to our ass kicking ways. Couple of really good friends got married and even though i couldnt be with them on their life altering moment, im happy that they took the leap of faith. This year ended the 2 year long financial and emotional draught for xena.

Bad things happened in 2011 but i took them in my stride and moved on. Sudden demise of some relatives, some bad financial calls, some bad professional choices would compromise the lows of 2011.

Having said that i thank god for giving me all the good times and for helping me dodge the bullet(s). I hope that 2012 brings more joy and solace in everyones life.