Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Review!!!!

January 2009 is already gone and i just wanted to review my Resolution list(Im into IT afterall, we ALWAYS REVIEW things). So lets see how good/bad ive done in this past one month.

Read my performance comments in RED (And now the COLORS!!!!WOW!!!My Managers will be so proud of me).

  • They say "Health is Wealth"....so first and foremost my resolution will be to a) maintain my weight in double digits this year and b) to get back to a moderate 36 inch waist line...maybe by end of Q2-09 *Still working on it, weight has shot back into 3 digits though, need more motivation and self-control*

  • To be a regular face @ the gym *19/31 for Jan-09, pretty decent i must say*

  • To abstain myself from drinking BEER/RUMS/VODKA/AERIATED DRINKS...I guess that means i'll have to live on WHISKY and SCOTCH ;) *Had No Rum/Vodka, only one pint of beer...Whisky/Scotch needs to be reduced*

  • To "not-to" feast on any food buffets this year *Had to go once in Jan-09, Team outings ..can't help it.*

  • To try and be a vegetarian this year..(wish me luck) *One Successful month completed.*

  • To do a lil more travelling, take a week off every quarter and visit all the nearest place or hill stations or explore new places locally. *Still working on it*

  • To file for immigration this year. *Still working on it*

  • To finally buy a book and start preparing for GMAT and IAS services(both extremes i know) *Still working on it*

  • To, inshah-allah, continue my travelling streak abroad. *Will try to work towards it, though this is something that is not in my hands*

  • To save some money and eventually bring my loan account down *sigh* *sigh*

  • To try and be the same energetic and enthusiastic person that i was coupla years back. *On track*

  • To "not-to" forget birthdays this year and make sure that atleats a call/text is made/sent. *On track*

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