Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Reading!!!

This one was gifted to me by my best friend. The first thing he gave me when he came back from United States :). Lets see how this goes.Second book this month...WOW!!! Funny thing about this book is the timing since i have nothing to do these days and i DO spend most of the time on the couch ;)

Some Excerpts :)

There are things that everyone almost lies about(Cheating,stealing,sex), there are things that women almost always lie about(food,money,orgasms), and then there is the rest of life, which generally comprises what men tend to lie about. A female friend says of the men she's known: "Are its lips moving? Then its lying"

"Men pretty much always lie to avoid conflict, argument, the airing of unpleasent truths". Another one answered my question of "why do men lie" as 'Because then it feels like I've gotten away with something.It's kind of power"

And then my favourite...

Well here's an announcement that i'll deny in the morning: when you discover that a man has lied to you about something, what he then "admits" to you as the truth will-at least in a few crucial respects-also be a lie. The full truth, the whole thing, almost never feels to us like a viable option.

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