Sunday, May 10, 2009

STILL Thinking!!!!!!

Past couple of days have been very depressing...well i wont really like to call them depressing, its just that ive done a lot of soul-searching . Soul-searching is good when you get answers to your questions. Its good when you get a direction out of it. But its a pretty fucked up thing if u dont get answers to any of the questions u ask urself. And thats where i am currently.

Realizing that you have lived out half of ur life and havent achieved anything remarkable isnt a great feeling.

I dont know if its called REALITY CHECK or MID-LIFE CRISIS.

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Anonymous said...

What is "Remarkable" anyway?

And, from whose eyes sees are you judging yourself? From your own eyes? From your nephew's eyes? From your best friend's eyes? From your soulmate's eyes? From your Father's eyes?

Are you trying to be Ben Franklin? Albert Einestein? Rasheed Wallace?

A 4 year old nephew sees a great man who can show him how to shoot a basketball or play airguitar or learn how to use a computer. Remarkable.

A best friend sees a smart man who can learn his career quickly and apply himself so well in a dog-eat-dog world knowing he will survive anywhere he goes. Remarkable.

Another caring soul sees a deeply caring man who makes sure all the aunties and grannies are warm .. and then drives them home safely from a cold wedding. Remarkable.

Your father ... sees a man. Remarkable.

All things done together ... Remarkable. Small or Large, insignificant or huge... does it matter? If you make some mark ... you are remarkable. Do not judge yourself so harshly. See yourself as we see you.

You ARE remarkable. We all are. Sometimes we just need our friends / family to remind us. :)