Saturday, May 30, 2009


Shocker of a news!!! Today i came to know that one of my ex-co-worker lost his wife in a car accident. Its not that i knew him on a personal level or anything but still i feel for him, i feel bad for him cuz its a huge loss...Just like the first job, the people you meet during that time also get special to you.
The biggest irony is that he was travelling to his home town and his wife was on her way to airport to pick him up. But fate had different plans i guess. I just can sympathize and console him but the void that has been created for a husband, for a child can't be filled. Such is Life I guess. One moment you have everything and then in a blink it gets taken away from you. I guess moments like these emphasise the importance of thanking the God for giving us everything.

May God give strength to everyone affected by this tragedy to accept the things. May her soul rest in Peace.

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