Thursday, February 26, 2009

Joker in the pack :p

There are 3 kind of people in any organization. First kinds are the one who are the nerds, the einsteins, the newtons, the ones who actually know it all. (the kinds I don’t gel along with really well..and I think they shud GET A LIFE). Second kinds are the ones those who are the average ones(like me) and not only are they average they know it too and they are happy being in the majority. And then there are ones who are caught in between these...the “Wanna-bees” …who try to cross the line and try to make a name for themselves but that’s when they bring down the house. That’s when they do/say certain things which make them immortal(pun intended)…which make them “butt of all jokes”.

And I ran into one such guy…the 3rd kinds :) …well , it was our induction session and we were being told that how gr8 of a co. this is and how proud we should be feeling. So the speaker(a veteran, been with this org. for over 15 yrs) told us how this was a vision of few handful of ppl and how “We” (I think I can use this word now) have evolved through years…from a 250$ company to a billion $ empire.

After he ended his workshop(it wasn’t one of those sessions where the speaker would go on and on till everybody snores), he opened the floor for Q&A.
People started him all sorts of questions…basically wanted answers for their insecurities…he was very patient in answering all the queries. And after one hour he called for one last question. Lil did he knew that he had commited a suicidal mistake…so our guy…raises his hand…asks…

“I have been hearing from lot of people that they started this co. with $, but noone tells that wat was the $ value @ that time”

He, evidently, was shell shocked by the question and wanted to do more than answering the question but like anyone else wud have done , he just smiled and said

“Does it matter????!??!?!??!??!??!??!?!??!”

And that’s when I knew that till the time I know this guy, my avid readers will never complain about me not posting enough on the blog :)

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Rajesh said...

u serious ????? Did that guy ask that kochen ???? .. LOL.. This reminds of those famous lines of santh kabir .. duniya mein bhanti bhanti k log.. kuch tou m....d kuch maha m....d !!!!