Monday, February 23, 2009

Onsite!?!?!?!?! Yea Right!!!!!

So here i was, barely 5 days old in my new office and already making headlines.....No! this wasnt for sports...this was for me turning down the "onsite" offer given to me. Before you start judging me and calling me names like idiot/stupid/a$$hole, before you pickup your phone to call me and tell me how badly ive fucked this time...i sincerely suggest you should read on.

I have noticed a few things about Life(No im not drunk) things like how we struggle for more and how in this process of evolution we forget the basic definition for certain things/words....and in this case the word would be "onsite". I would blame it on the surroundings, the industry and then the people.

So whats an onsite????!????!??

Onsite-offshore model is a management model that companies use in their project for better resource utilization.Onsite is primarily referred to as the client you goto the client and work closely with them..monitoring the approach they use and other stuff(this is not a management class so lets cut the slack)

But in this field of ours,we get so used to off ppl going to Americas and Europe that thats the first thing that comes to our mind when someone mentions onsite. So heres the conversation that took place and shot me into a guy who "refused on-site" .

So one fine day while i was out (read smoking) with my friends i get a call from my PM asking me to come c i went to his cabin and he takes me to another cabin which was seating 5 more PM's. So after exchanging pleasentaries , this was what i was asked..

PM: "So whats your skillset"
Me: BLAH /Blah and blah
PM: Good...we are looking for a guy who knows these 3 + should also know blah and blah
Me: I havent worked in blah and blah but if u can arrange any trng i will a quick learner

PM: hmmmmm....and u r ok to travel onsite..
Me...(thinks about it for a while) NO
PM: Y? (A shocked look on his face)
Me: Have my family here
PM: Take them along...client will tc of all ur expenses...traveling/boarding/food.
Me: wife works wudnt be possible for me to take her along...unless u want to hire her..she also works in Oracle Apps
PM: is that ur final decision or u want some time?
Me: mmmmmmm(thinking).....Which city are we talking about here??

and then he drops the bomb.......

PM: its some 160 km from PUNE ....

hehehehehe...boy o boy...was i relieved or what....for first time in mylife i wasnt regretting my decision..and was proud of myself....For being ballsy enough to turn down the "offer" and to have sticked to my words(even though words like recession/bench/homeloan were still doing rounds in between my ears).

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