Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Fun Read

A few days back while i was on my way home, waiting for my flight, i picked up this book. I have to admit that the thing that caught my eye was the title of the book.(Its a guy thing after all ;) ). And as it turned out to be, it was a complete insight to a guy head(not that i needed one but its always heartening to know that there are other people(read Men) who think like you, act, talk and fake like u). The character,Debashish, an average student in DCE is your typical pervert-chap guy who lives by a word A.D.I.D.A.S(All Day I Dream About Sex), who is more interested in looking under a girl’s skirt than going under a car (He is mechanical engg. student).
You should go read this book if you are a guy and want to get in touch with your college life or if you are a girl who wants to know what men "really" think when it comes to relationships(of course im talking about relationships in college ;) ).

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