Friday, February 20, 2009


Thank God its Friday!!!!!!! Ive been craving for some breathing time for sooooo long now..sometime when i wont b thinking about what-do-i-wear-tomm or when-should-i-getup or is-my-shirt-ironed.Things have changed in my life and i reckon thats primarily due to the nature of my newjob. Not that my profile has changed or anything but the new organization has its own set of working rules (and hours too..made to spend 9 hours and 15 mins everyday *sigh*).

Im back to the Learning phase of my life and am learning few things..few things which i thought i had forgotton and thought i would never do them again. Like getting up @ 6 in the morning, having food on-time(Even bfast too), playing ball every evening, doing a lil bit of bird-watching ;), walking aimlessly, riding a bicycle(we have an option of riding bicycle from one end of campus to another).
Its a nice change!!!and like we have been told time and again.."Change is the only constant thing in life" im happy about this change...after all I wanted this change.

Am i enjoying it?Yes & No.

Personally Yes, but Professionally I think its gonna take me more time to get used to all these things. Now having said that, this certainly doesnt mean that im regretting my decision. Its just that i have to learn a few things and have to get used to this certain work culture. Like someone said "You cant iron your pants without taking them off" so unless i learn this new game here, i still will feel im an outsider here. Well a part of that is because its so fucking huge campus some 11k ppl working outta here which i think is 10 times that ppl we had in Genpact.

Sometimes i feel like im in some "University". Too many ppl around. Too many ppl who U dont know or who dont know you. Too many people managing FAR too many people. Aint nothing scary in that cuz everyone knows their role and dont like to poke their noses in somebody elses business. But being a LEO i want to be in thick of things and trust me things are pretty thick here...and it would b interesting to get down (and then rise up) to a level which i wudnt have done otherwise.
One week here and i feel happy...happy to be part of a "brand", happy to be working in day shifts, happy to be playing bball everyday..EVERYDAY, happy to be earning more. The only thing missing from my life now is a project :). Once i get something which helps me kill my 9 hrs effectively i will b CONTENT i think. And hopefully this will happen soon.

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