Friday, June 17, 2011

Larger than Life!

Wow!!! Came across some really cool articles over the internet. I mean if you thought you have done/seen it all, wait till you read this.

AIR travel no more for Acrophobic people: AIRBUS just revealed prototype images of their latest 'fully transparent Airbus'. I mean seriously. The takeoffs and landings will surely be a bone chilling experience for some. Not only this WONT have any 'class' difference but it would also have a BAR and Gaming zone. Hello Sao Paulo!!!! Here I come, in 2050 though!

Checkout the images!

Theme park: 
Ferrari is going to open the gates of the worlds largest indoor theme park. Coming from Italian Car giants I can't even imagine what its gonna be. Rides are generally pretty fast but imagine this coming from Ferrari. The article said that one of the ride would touch the speed of 240 KMPH in less than 5 seconds;of course with hairpin bends and twisted tracks.WOW!!!

The magnitude of the size can be figured out from the fact that the Ferrari logo is so gigantic that its large enough to house 7 basketball courts. Abu dhabi surely will be the next tourist hot spot.

All the superlatives suddenly feel superfluous huh!

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