Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Balling @ Golds

There are people who hog and still look good and then there is me, who even if doesn't eat anything will keep swelling. Yea!! That's the exact word. SWELL!!!

I mean I have been pretty careful about my diet and my alcohol intake but still I keep growing. So the only logical reason I could derive from this was that my body misses the outdoor activity (read Basketball). So I enrolled myself in GOLDS GYM. That's right, the legendary GOLDS GYM. I, initially, thought that I would get stuck with the boring treadmills and machines but yesterday during the guided tour I was told that there is an indoor basketball court. How awesome is that!!! 
But today when I went there, I didn't gear up for a basketball game. cuz u knw, its the first day in the gym, don't know the gyming ethics here...yaddie yaada yaada... To cut the long story short, I didn't expect to play today but couldn't resist going to the court. 
"Just to check out the level of the game here" is what i told myself. And i ended up playing. Too bad we had to stop in between. A guy twisted his ankle pretty bad and we called it a day.

But I'm happy that I found one thing that would make me happy, help me relieve the stress and kill my loneliness here.

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