Sunday, June 19, 2011

House Party

Second week was pretty rough @ work. 

The above one-liner can't actually sum up my situation @ work. Since my travel got postponed  by a week, I'm made to do the catching up act. Time lines have remained the same and deliverables have piled up. But lets not get you guys into my shit-o-sphere. The point is that its been a crazy week and all i could think of was Friday night. I wanted to just go @ it as if there is no tommorow and that's exactly how it happened. 

Couple of guys here got promoted and wanted to celebrate the achievement with everyone. So late Friday an impromptu meeting was called by the new 'PM'. Menu/Venue was decide, roles were assigned and wheels were set in motion. As expected I was asked to pick the what did i pick?

Couple of bottles here were 1.75L and along with these we had atleast 500 + beer cans..atleast...ranging from Bud to Stella to heineken to Miller to Coors to Corona.... So 9pm is when everyone was expected to gather around but since we (read Indians) think its COOL to arrive late the party kick starter by 10 and the house party was ON.

I donned my bartender hat and took my spot at the counter. Mixed drinks, music(one of the guy had some real nice songs) and helped people stay clear off sensitive topics :).

Since ours was the last group to leave at 5 in the morning( we ran outta beer too), I think i have the rights to sum it up as CRAZY PARTY. The level of craziness was such, that Mr.PM calls me next day and ask me "What happened yday dude" :)

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