Friday, June 24, 2011

Jump Start

What a start to the morning!!! Got up at 6 only to see a Voice Mail by my best friend Simon saying that he wants to get his head straight and would like some time alone. I mean its not like i call him everyday and pester him. This was the first time i was calling him 2011.
I know he had big plans with life and wanted to be somebody but who doesn't? Isolation won't help!! 
Slowly and steadily all my BEST friends have drifted away. Some are busy with their lives, some don't want me in theirs. Read an article on net which said that there is a phase where we want to go the extra mile and want to be the next Big thing but in the process we ignore lot of things, hurts some sentiment. And once the phase is over we find that there is nobody to share the success with. 

Looks like its gonna be a Shitty Friday.

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