Friday, March 6, 2009

Physics & Chemistry of Life!!!

I donno if it’s the organization or lack of company (people to talk to) or lack of work or god-knows-what, but I feel that ive been thinking a lil differently. When I say differently I don’t mean that im over-analyzing things or thinking profoundly, it’s just that I feel im seeing lighter side of things now… and when I do , I feel like telling everyone …and what other way that writing on it (Recession time boss! Can’t be calling everyone u c ;)).

So on one of my coffee breaks I was talking to my friend and some how on some topic he told me “Boss! For every reaction, there is equal and opp. Reaction”

And this really got me thinking. Thinking that we have learned some many principles and laws from our physics and chemistry course way back in school times, but do we still use it? Was it worth cramming the formulas? Was making chits aka Phaaarey worth the trouble?

Now I would expect a blank face or stare @ the floor or stare @ the ceiling (that’s what *I* used to draw/do in school times when any teacher would ask any question)from anyone who did his schooling some 10 years or more ago. So if I ask you what’s Ohm’s Law or Chain Reaction (concept behind Atom bombs) or Gauss's law or Newton’s laws of motion or Le Chatelier's principle, probably you will be doing the same things as well.

So I came back and started looking at what these Laws or Principles were and once I had revisited them, I found it funny that these still hold true in our daily lives. Here’s how: Lets first see what these Laws and Principles actually mean/say and then we would take my arguments forward.

Let’s take Gauss’s Law first.

Gauss’s Law states that “The electric flux through any closed surface is proportional to the enclosed electric charge”.
Now put you guys out of the misery, I will be telling you the meaning of difficult terms that will be used in these laws, flux being the culprit in this one.(You can always refer Wikipedia for any doubts :) ). So here is what flux means.
Flux is defined as the amount that flows through a unit area per unit time.

Ohm’s Law: I = V/R (Can’t get any simpler than this… but still if you want me to spell it out for you it means current = voltage / resistance)

Chain Reaction: We all know what this is. Aint it? Fission and Fusion reactions (that was my favorite topic in chemistry)

Le Chatelier's principle: If a chemical system at equilibrium experiences a change in concentration, temperature, volume, or total pressure, then the equilibrium shifts to counter-act the imposed change. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Now if you think you think we are getting too technical here and you think you don’t use these in your life, READ ON!!

So let’s start with Chain reaction… In case your onsite manager gets an earful from the client, be ready for some sweet-chin-music…and in case you are the offshore lead, the effect surely will be cascaded down to people under you.

Ohm’s Law: Well I=V/R always will hold true, no matter which field you work in. IT or no IT you will have to use this wisely or atleast take care of the R component wisely. This law in modern times of IT means

Increment =

And Vision here, of course, is your managers. The more you try to resist his views/vision the less will be your salary increment.

Le Chatelier's principle: Its very important for all the stakeholders to realize that any team which is doing well can easily be disturbed by lack of concentration/lack of appreciation, by a new member coming into the team or by asking them to deliver more when they already are your best performers. How many times have you seen an employee or a performer cribbing about his manager or his team not acknowledging his work or taking load of all his team members on his shoulders.

Gauss’s Law: The bigger the goofup, the bigger be the “heads-to-roll” list. So suddenly if you see lot of activity in your managers room , you should know that something big is cooking.

So that’s my take on the physics and chemistry of life. I know some of you would like me to add some topics or rules or laws from Biology as well here but to all those pervert minds I have just one thing to say “Goto

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