Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Future Gadgets!!!!

I’m, officially, now the last person from our batch to be without work. Everyone who joined with me has been aligned to some project.
How do I feel about it?
It’s a mixed feeling…im, obviously, happy for them but im a lil sad that no one will hangout with me from now on. I mean I will get to hear phrases like “I’ve to rush, I’ve got a meeting” or “No dude, I cant working on something” *sigh* ……Anywz we will see how it goes.

So ive been a loner for coupla days now and I thought it would be good for me if I can get my book and read while im in office(even though im scared of getting caught) I went to my friends floor (different technology track/ diff side of building....thats actually my way of telling me that i wont be caught here) and was reading the book (Babyji) in his cubicle, when his phone buzzed. So my ideal mind thought that maybe it was our 3rd friend trying to call us for coffee/juice break.

“Who is it” I asked.
“It’s the low battery indicator, saying only 10% battery left” he replied.

I went back to reading my book. I had just read one line when the phone buzzed again.

“Who now” I asked again.
“It’s the same alert from the cell” he replied.

So I was thinking how we can get future gadgets listen to them.

Like phone vibrates, you pick it up and have a look @ it…”10% battery left”. You ignore the message, maybe cuz you don’t have time to look for charger and get back to work or maybe you just don’t care.

After 5 minutes the phone vibrates again, and this time when you pick it up and see, it would read “Are you blind????? Im dying!!!!” . You still will ignore the warning and go back to whatever you were doing.

Then after some time when you want to make a call, you will realize that your cellphone has powered itself off. So you find your charger, plug it in and try to turn on your phone. And this is what would happen.

You try to switch on the phone. The message comes: “Now you want me huh!!!!”, you feel embarrassed and press “Yes”.

You are an a$$hole, you know that rite?!??!?!?!” …You can’t really do much but press “Yes”.
Don’t you dare do this to me again!!! You got that!!!” … “Yes” is your reply again.

And then it finally would come back On. Well you have a choice of selection "NO" as well but then you wont have your phone working.

What are you thinking man” said my friend as he tapped on my shoulder.
Pass me the charger”. I passed him the charger kept on my side of the desk , smiled at the thought and continued reading my book.
The phone buzzed again, maybe after 10 seconds of him putting it on charge, and I was wondering if the phone was acknowledging the feed by saying “Thanks”.

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Mayank said...

Wow..gr8 thinking ;-)