Friday, March 27, 2009

Movies and Life!!!

The apartment complex that I live in is a semi-posh complex and as expected most of the occupants are IT professionals.

Now after having spent over a month with my new organization, I have realized that there are some faces who I see both @ apartment complex AND @ work.

The most interesting part about these familiar faces is that its a mixed group. While men do acknowledge each others presence with a smile or a "HI", women tend to pretend as total strangers, at least @ home. Maybe they want to play it safe which I totally respect. But How do you go about people who don’t know that YOU also stay in the same apartment complex. It’s a tough call. Especially when the person in question is a lady and even more when the anti-harassment policies are still fresh in your mind.

So this particular female not only shares the same company, the same building(it’s a huge campus btw) , the same floor in that building but also the same cubicle.

Well technically she sits in the next cubicle but neighbor is a neighbor I guess.

Not only do I see her @ work, I also see her standing outside the apartment complex waiting for a public transport. While she waits for the transport vehicle, I vrrrom pass her with my wife.

So I sometimes think (not wish though) to myself that someday If she is waiting for the public transport and If my wife isn’t with me, I will ask her if she wants a ride to office.

Just like it happens in the movies.

Aint nothing wrong in that huh!! Just being a Good Samaritan..that’s it!! And There ARE days when me and wife have different login timings but those are the days I don’t see her @ her “usual” spot.

Life is so different from movies.

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