Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A question that, im sure, you must have been asked atleast once in your lifetime is "What is/are your Hobby/ies?"

Trust me there is a lot of shit u can cover under the word "HOBBY".....And the answer to this question depends upon whoz asking the Question. To me this question is most likely to be asked if you are in following circumstances:

  • Hitting on a Chick in your class ( Chick!! Ive always found that word a lil derogatory)
  • Attending the HR round for a Job (Though, i think its a thing of a past now. These days they just ask you "OK! Tell me something about yourself") OR
  • If you have bowed down to your parental pressure and suddenly are finding yourself sitting right across a girl in a jam packed living room at some relatives place.

So your answers actually depends upon the situation u r into. But to tell u the truth your hobbies like any other socio-economic thing, too vary from city to city. Your "Hobby" will depend upon ur geographical location(socio) and the financial condition of your parents(hence, Economic)

As a child, I remember me going to my cousins in delhi and they would give me shit as "stamp collection" to "collecting currencies of diff country" to " reading" ....I swear to god ,i always thought they all were pyscho and needed medical attention....What was the fun in Peeling stamps from Inland letters and pasting them onto your multi-colored Scrapbook??? And Where was the fun in collection all those different shapes and coins?? I mean wats the use when u really cant spend them??? AND READING??? I always asked myself "When do they find time to read out-of-course books?" and on top of that who wants to buy Archies for 50 bucks??? Think of the minutes u can spend in a game parlor with those 50 bucks!!!Being a CONTRA commando who battles waves of enemies including humans, machines, mutants or Being MARIO , a pudgy plumber, thwarting the plans of King Bowser of kidnapping Princess Peach was DEFINITELY FUN!!! ....

OR maybe it was only me, Living in my own little world....

I mean for me hobby is something that makes u happy...something that u would like to do in your free

My Hobbies always kept changing (Depending ,again, upon the socio-economic factors of my family).I remember some of my hobbies..collecting BUS/RAILWAYS tkts,collecting-lottery-tkts,collecting water-stickers that served as a wrapper of Fuson chewing gum,collecting different colored caps of Thums-up,goldspot,pepsi and 7up. Now that was fun!!Cuz Once u have your own lil "Collection" you would call people to your house and flaunt it to them..COOL!!Or once u knew all the shortcuts of a Videogame, people from all Ages will come to you for help....imagine you being asked by a 10th grader to help him clear one level ...imagine the kind of popularity it gives you in your circle.

I wonder if anyone still is into all these things.....MAYBE...MAYBE NOT... or maybe these things still exist but since MY SOCIO-ECONOMIC conditions have changed im not able to see any of these around me anymore.

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