Thursday, November 27, 2008

India Shining??????

Another Year, Another Terrorist Attack. We, evidently, arent learning any lessons unlike Terrorists who seem to be getting better by every attack. Timer Bombs, Emails to communicate, Satellite phones, things like this make you wish we were HALF as prepared as they were.
24 hours later, the situation still remains the same. Blasts still happening! Firing still going on!
So what can we wish for ? Wish that this gets over soon?
This eventually will end but the question that keeps running through my mind is "When are we going to learn any lessons?When are we gonna prepare ourselves?" I know NO country can prepare enough against terrorism cuz its a mindset but you certainly can prepare for the AFTERMATH. You certainly can treat surviours in a better way. You certainly can have well equipped hospitals. You certainly can force any freaking hospital to take care of the injured. I mean whats the point in taking everyone to a Government hospital when APPOLLO/AIIMS is right next to you.
There is a lot of Rage filled inside Indians. A lot of people have emailed me about things that have happened(even though most of them were Fwded mail chains with stomach churning pictures) and how they feel about it. But is that the only thing we can do ? Send email chains to each other? Write Blogs about it? . So what exactly do we need to do? Where are we lacking? What needs to be changed? Cuz its easy for me to say and write "We will have to change first" but is this the only solution ? Are the steps taken by the government enough? Is government really caring the common people? What about people who have lost their lives? Will we cherish them forever? Have government decided to rehabilitate the family members to those who scarificied their lives?
The answer to most of these questions is NO. And thats because we as people have very short public-memory. We will soon get back to our businesses and will get busy in our daily lives and this will be flashed by news channels or newspapers as "BOUNDING" or maybe since its in Mumbai it might be termed as "MUMBAI REBOUND" and hell, some of the political parties will call it spirit of "Marathi Manoos" . Why cant we have a SWAT/CIA/FBI like force ? Why cant we provide our forces with better gadgets?
Lot of Questions to be answered..Hopefully someone will ask right questions to right people and seek quick answers to all these questions otherwise its CURTAINS for INDIA SHINING

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