Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flashback 2011

As the last sun of 2011 sets on me, I sit here drunk assesing the year that went by. Like any other year of my life 2011 too had its ups and downs. Even though the year was mostly spent in US, the fun quotient was reduced due to me being away from family and friends. Stayed away from my wife, couldnt see simon, xenas plans kept getting pushed, nba season started after i left; all these took the fun away from what could have been an amazing year.

Good thing about this year was that i eventually saved some money that helped me bring down the mortgage of my house. I cleared the air with my best friend and we got back together to our ass kicking ways. Couple of really good friends got married and even though i couldnt be with them on their life altering moment, im happy that they took the leap of faith. This year ended the 2 year long financial and emotional draught for xena.

Bad things happened in 2011 but i took them in my stride and moved on. Sudden demise of some relatives, some bad financial calls, some bad professional choices would compromise the lows of 2011.

Having said that i thank god for giving me all the good times and for helping me dodge the bullet(s). I hope that 2012 brings more joy and solace in everyones life.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers to you ... let's pray being a cowboy helps with dodging the bullets aimed in our direction! :)