Saturday, December 3, 2011

Outkast me??!??

Disclaimer: This post might seem disconnected and might not make any sense but i'd to write it to get things off my chest.

Friendship or relations might have different meaning back in my country but over here every thing is equated in $

A working couple goes out for doorbuster on thanksgiving, i mean really; between them they gross 200k and still go out to save 5$ on kids toys, 10$ on a jacket and then they have nerve to talk about being uptown and classy. You take somebody out for dinner at a place that they dont like .. Y??? Cuz u hav a 20$ coupon for that place.

Reach movie theatre 20 mins ahead of us and buy just your tickets.

If the server looks at me for the check its "together" but for you its "separate".

I dont question anybodys choices and neither am i offended by them. Everyone wants to save money and I dont judge anybody for the way they choose but the questions that i ask meself are "Should I do these things"; "why shouldn't I do the same" for I work just as hard as everyone else. I mean at times it seems that everybody is mooching off me.

Am I at a fault if i like to have a good drink and a meal? If i dont update every damn minute of my life on facebook or twitter? If I think living in the same house and commenting on each other status messages is not conversation but sign of drifting away from each other? If i dont ask your job profile or how big is the team you are leading? If i make fun of you for asking everyone in office about the jacket u shud buy?? If i think ive achieved enough and i'd had no regrets if i die today? Or if i count my blessings everday and thank god for giving me all that he has ?

People are weird and the problem is that dont even know it!

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