Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seattle - Stint 2 - Chapter 1

I began my second stint of Seattle 2 weeks back and i'd have to say i feel kind of at home. I mean i was hear last year for 3 months so that has certainly helped me in getting to know the places. I mean its a lot less fun now since the people i was with last time are either in India or in different time zones here in US but i know where to get things from and how to get there, so that's definitely a BIGG plus.

But the +ve of this trip so far has been that i, so far, have stuck to my plan. I mean in these 2 weeks I haven't eaten outside (so no junk/processed food) and i have only went out for drinks once. I definitely am proud of the latter. 

I plan to get myself into double digits this time( less than 220 lbs i.e.) . Currently i weigh somewhere between 240-245 and I have given myself 6 months for it. I mean this is one of the reason i'm trying to get a car for myself cuz getting around here in Seattle is a pain in the arse.

I have read some articles and have come across some really interesting, do-able things. Some of the interesting points that i have decided to put on here are only for self-motivation and in case anyone wants to make use of them, please go ahead. 

I will keep adding/writing as an when i achieve something. Pardon me if this gets too boring for you.
  • Losing a pound requires cutting 3,500 calories from your diet or burning the same amount. By reducing your calories by 500 each day, you'll lose a pound each week. A 160 lbs person burns around 606 calories running at 5 miles per hour, but a 240 lbs person burns 905 calories.
  • "You wouldn't set off driving to California without a map. You'd get lost".  Keep a food journal and a workout journal, and follow a specific workout plan.
  • Eat a mix of protein and simple sugar after your workout. Protein will help your muscles grow, which will lead to further fat-burning. This mixture will also help your body recover from the workout faster, Arent says, so you'll be less sore and can work out more frequently, increasing your results.

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Anonymous said...

It's a good time to be in Seattle ... summer is coming! Good choices make good life. Enjoy your new life of eating healthy and living healthy.