Sunday, December 19, 2010

Highs and lows of 2010

Another year gone, another year full of surprises, another year that taught me lots of like every year i'm at that point where i'm taking stock of the bygones days/events to see how did this year turn out to be for me

  • Death of my granny - Even though she was in her 90's and bed ridden for past 20 years, she still was my biggest support system. Even though she was fighting paralysis for 20 years and was in lot of pain, her final moments were peaceful and pain free. Miss you granny...may your soul rest in peace.
  • Fallout with friends - Some friends, relations have become a thing of the past. Am i sad? It sure hurts to lose a friend but I understand, everyone behaves differently in different situations. Like I've written going the extra mile but If they need me I still will be available.
  • Stagnant Career - Career hasn't gone anywhere. I'm not sure if I should put this in lows section or highs section. Cuz i'm not happy about it but I've done anything to kick start it either, I mean its something that I've done by choice. I've been trying to get out of the rat race and i 'try' not to compare myself with anybody but then at times it gets quite impossible and gets onto you.
  • A disastrous trip abroad - Tried getting some fun into my life but planning a trip abroad. But unfortunately that turned into a bloody trip (and quite literally too). Wasted a lot of money but fortunately enough everything is back to normal now. Don't want this kind of adventures in my life. GOD r u listening!?!?!?!?
  • The BOMB - Drank a weird mix of rum,whiskey and vodka called 'The Bomb' and it did lived upto its name. Caused 6-7 explosions in me and that made me puke BLOOD. Got me name of 'BOMB'. Things that don't kill you make you stronger huh! R u sure???
  • Haven't seen some of my dear ones in years and would do anything to get a glimpse of them. Miss you guys, things will change for good next year! I promise!
  • Los Angeles Lakers beat Boston Celtics 4-3 to win back to back 'ships. Lost out on braggin' rights. 


  • Exploring places - Kept my promise of exploring new places. 
  • Ballin' - My game sense has gotten better. Have been picking minute details by following NBA more closely. Been trying to teach a few things to youngsters and help them play to their strengths. I guess at some point of my life i would want to coach kids team. As of now i'm still a student of the game.
  • Injury/Accident free year - The year has been accident free, even though I've been unlucky at certain things but this has been a good year in terms of health. Hope I get stronger next year.
  • High on life - Drank the most this year and at quality places too. I guess I've learnt how to spend money. BUT its been over a month since I've had a drink. Didn't knew Staying sober was this fun. Gives me time for myself and for my family. I sure hope that I stay determined and give up boozing.
  • Love is in the Air - Couple of my friends got engaged(with diff people) and are all set to marry. I'm happy for them and am really looking fwd to their marriage. All the best guys!

I guess thats it...can't recall any more things..will add if I remember anything.

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