Friday, December 24, 2010

End of 2010 in NBA

We can't really say its the end of first half of the season in NBA but this season has produced quite a lot of headlines already. And if we preview the first 27 odd games, the remainder of the season promises to be full of excitement and big hustle plays. Here are some major incidents that have occurred this season

Formation of the 'new' BIG 3 - Lebron a.k.a King James not only changed his jersey number but also 'took his talents' to south beach. 'The decision', as expected, didn't go down well with Cavaliers fans across the globe. While it looked obvious from the way he played final quarter of GAME 5 against the Celtics, Cavs fans, I guess were blinded by the powder he threw in the air for 7 years. Miami along-with LBJ signed Chris Bosh, making him the second most hated player in Toronto(after T-mac). They didn't had the kind of start they were looking for but have been playing like a TEAM off late. Lets see how they fair in the playoffs. 

My take on the BIG3 and Heat??? Not this year!!!

Silent Killers - While the teams in the EAST were shouting from the roof tops, their WEST rivals treated free agency as another day at work. 2 time defending champions LA LAKERS not only retained their core(Fisher,Odom and Brown) but also added defensive strength in Steve Blake and Matt Barnes. The most important thing that Lakers did was persuading Coach Phil Jackson for one more year(and you can already see his effect on shannon browns jumper from behind the arc). 

My take?? Another 3-peat!!!!!

The Big SHAMROCK - Shaq a.k.a Diesel a.k.a The BIG Cactus a.k.a. The BIG witness got rechristened to 'The BIG SHAMROCK'. Chasing Kobe err i mean chasing his 5th championship ring Shaquille O' Neal signed with Boston Celtics. A championship caliber team who in absence of injured Kendrick Perkins needed a Big guy and who better than the BIG SHAMROCK. Does that make Celtics a contender???

My take??? Another Lakers-Celtics Final???? Guess time will tell!!!!!!

Return of the Knicks - The New York Knicks of 90's were one of the strong contenders but through the years they kind of just fell off the track. All these years they were out of the championship hunt but what a comeback. Knicks hadn't seen an BIG guy ever since the departure of Patrick Ewing and needed a Center real bad(Sorry Lee you were a wrong fit). Signing Amare has boosted their chances BIGGG time. With Felton handling the ball and rookie Landry Fields coming in good Knicks have finally arrived in playoffs.

My take??? Take the steam out of the 'HEAT'.

Raised Expectations - Kevin Durant carried the young Thunder on his back to the playoffs and almost made it to the second round. And while everyone wrote the TEAM USA off in the world championships in Turkey, he did the unthinkable and not only earned himself a GOLD medal but also announced himself of the world stage. He will have to keep it going and so far he is getting good support from Russell Westbrook. 

My take??? Lets goto second round this year guys!

Return of the Hi-Fliers - Have you seen Blake Griffin play? with his surgically repaired knee??? R u kiddin me?? Dude plays above the rim..dont believe me, ask Timofey mozgov!!!  Lets not forget J.R(call-me-EARL)Smith??? Tough call for Dunk of the year!

My take??? Lets get 'em in All star weekend and see them compete in Dunk competition.

With this I will wrap this post of mine, eagerly looking forward to the coming games. Let the games continue, let the amazing keep happening. Stay healthy and keep rocking the rim guys..Seasons greetings

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