Thursday, July 2, 2009

Going Green!

July 1 182/183…that’s what my calendar showed today….Aint nothing special about this day..I mean it’s not a’s not a weekend…nothing special happened @ work…But come to think of it and I realized that this indeed is a special day for me…Special because It marks 6 months of me being a vegetarian..a Huge achievement…It is something that makes me feel proud of myself. Honestly I never thought I could come this far with this thing, and trust me it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I mean imagine going out in a group and people around you having all kinds of chickens and mutton and beefs while you munch on green salad. And being a BIG GUY definitely doesn’t help the cause. While others would order just one plate of any of those dishes, you probably would have to order that damn salad 3-4 times…at least I did and it feels kind of odd. Or Imagine you going to a friend’s Bday party and eating munchies while others are feasting on home cooked chicken and Beef.

But now when I look back, I feel good. I feel good that I had the determination. Feel food that I was strong enough to say “NO”.

Am I happy? Yes and no!! Yes cuz I came this far and NO cuz I feel that I am missing out on something J …the real test however would be when I go home.

How long is this going to go? I guess its gonna b like this for another 6 months…maybe after I complete a year, I won’t have the craving( I doubt that though!)

What Next!!???? Let’s just say that ive become a teetotaler from today(yea..Laugh all you want..will c u on 31st Dec ’09)…I wonder what im gonna go with 2 beers sitting in my fridge!!! Heard beer is a good conditioner….*sigh* if only I had hair on my head!!!!