Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taking Stock~Talking Sock!!!!

I sometime wonder as to What is a more disgusting site…a guy wearing sagged socks(the ones which have a loose elastic) or a guy wearing NO socks with leather shoes???

I detest both these breed of people. Im sorry to say but we as in Indians still have to realize that socks are ALSO part of the dressing. A very important one for that matter.Ive seen gazillion guys wearing proper formals but when it comes to socks, they would make a complete fool out of themselves.

While some wear Black trousers, nice formal shirts.. GREEN socks…or shining BLUE socks or sporty ankle sock, others do it The other way round. They would wear formal socks with sports weird is that!!!! I know it’s a part of the clothing which is not quiet visible but that doesn’t mean you can wear anything or NOT wear anything. That’s stupidity.

It was the same case with undees sometime back. But now people treat their undees as if it’s a thing to show off…I guess in some more years socks will improve too.

I will try to click some pictures of such guys and maybe that will tell you what that means!!! ;)

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Kanu... said...

hw truely said.. i lyk it!