Saturday, June 27, 2009

Silent Killers

I hate people who have opinion about everything...Having said that...Herez my opinion on Introverts

Introverts I feel have a better life, than extroverts. They are not exactly introverts so to say...they just dont open up with everyone...they do have a life, they do have best friends...they too would scream their guts out on a why do we call them INTROVERTS...

The thing that makes them different is that choose people....they play practical....If they like you, they will hang around with you else they wont care about you...They dont pretend to be someone they arent...They wont go bragging about how they are your best buddy and how they would do anything for you and then at the time of need show their ass and run away..and the best thing about them is that they handle criticism well....cuz all their life they have an additional pressure on them...pressure of people picking on them, watching them closely. I had a friend of mine who got the hottest girl in campus just cuz she thought he had a mystery around him...Lucky Bastard huh!!!

I'll tell u one thing...I 'tried' being an Introvert....I'm a very filmy kind of a guy...Inspired by some characters of some movie, I tried becoming an introvert( I really like when the bad guy just talks with his eyes, delivers one liners and walks away with box full of money and leaves carnage behind)..but to be honest, i get headache if i dont speak for over an hour..or stay home and dont talk to anyone or dont say something..humm a song...

Tell you one more thing.....I want to be a confidant to one Introvert guy..better gurl ;) !~!~! LOL !~!~!

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