Saturday, June 13, 2009

Traces of Character!!

There are lot of things which tell about 'you' as a person. From your handwritting, your signature, your way of interacting with people, movement of your hands while you talk to anyone....lot of things. So while i was taking a shower(Believe it or not, all these weird thoughts come to my mind while im in shower), i was thinking if your password tells anything about you or not. Your email id's generally tell lot of things about you :). I,myself had pretty weird email id's....Damn!!This is cracking me up!! The first email id of mine was 'indian_laden' :p...then drfunk( i actually had that written outside my door in hostel...wat a loser !!!! :p) then 'millitant' a fact..apparently i always wanted to be the bad guy...I guess ive made quite a name for myself

But coming back to passwords...are they as flashy as those id's? Personally ive had all kinds of passwords...from my best friends last name to my favourite basketball team (Pistons) to "butterchicken" to my home address and in between i even used 'qwerty' as my password....varied things/items/people. I discussed this with couple of my co-workers in office and got interesting remarks. One of them told me that her passwords are always based on a cartoon character. Other i know said she always uses word "sunny" in her passwords. I guess there are many things which tell about us. Perhaps when you get old, you can laugh about all these things.

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