Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reviewing 2009 and the road ahead

Wow!!! Look @ THIS...this was my last years resolution list...and guess what..i didnt accomplish anything...NOTHING...ZIP....ZILCH.....NADA......hmm...aint particular proud of this fact but hey look @ the brighter side...I stayed on course for most part of the year.....

  • Weight was in double digits..ok...lemme be honest, its still in triple digits..but hey it didnt go up!!!!!!!! thats good..thats consistency :)
  • Played ball on regular basis, 2009 was good for Basketball...won a Championship Ring too[Just one though!!! :( ]
  • Didnt stay clear from spirits...all the incidents that happened, didn't help either...will have to find a different approach to handle this...
  • Have been eating healthy for a year now...and in proportion thats gud too..
  • Travelled to some unknown places in 2009 and intend to continue the same in 2010 as well. Am already planning a trip to Leh/Ladakh...
  • Did nothing for immigration. Hey I'm not a bummer, it just shows how much I love my country :)
  • Got GMAT book but thats being used by someone else. Plan to finish it off by this summer.
  • On-site streak was broken in 2009. Wouldnt mind a company sponsored trip but dont expect anything from this company. Anything that comes will be a bonus.
  • Did no savings. Bought certain things which weren't needed, things that sucked up all my savings. This is a must do in 2010.
  • The charmer is back but with a changed mindset. Think myself as a servant of humanity. Let people remember you for things u said/did. Clock is ticking, life is short.
  • Was a social person for most part of the year but then it went right back into my shell.
Other things that happened in 2009:


Well got high many times in 2009, high on alcohol not on life though. And that actually sucks.

  • Buying a car was a high(till it got rammed by a truck).
  • Winning a championship rings with this team was definitely a high. Fact that it was their first makes it even more sweeter.
  • Mom got retired from her job. Damn!! What an achievement!!! 35+ years of service for same organization. Can't even imagine doing anything like that.
  • Made some friends (for life or not??!?!?!? we shall soon find out).

  • Fallout with my GF tops the list. The bond isn't the same anymore. Hope time heals everything.
  • Shitty job would be a closed second on this list. There is nothing worse than having a fucked up boss. And a woman boss make things worse. There are certain things she also dont ability to fuck people without having a dick. She should write that under achievements section of her appraisal.
  • There is nothing worse than death of good people around you. Its like they take all the +ve energy with you. Honey(my cuz), Tim...may you soul rest in peace. Crack a deal with the lord and book a suite for me, u never know.....*drip*
  • The fight with the LORD!!! Had many unanswered questions and as a result of that I crossed swords with 'him'. (Hey we have called it a truce now...havent we *looks for fist pump*)
There are other things as well, but I think I've already told you guys all those sad stories.

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