Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 - Things to Do

  1. Start Reading
  2. Be a vegetarian for 6 months 
  3. Give up alcohol in the second half of the year.
  4. Answer calls
  5. Take a course in UW
  6. Keep working out - First target 220, next 200
  7. Learn Swimming
  8. Strong left dribble
  9. 1 shoe a Qtr 
  10. Visit India
  11. One foreign trip a year.
  12. Manage my finances responsibly
  13. Buy a house


Sunshine's Highway said...

Waiting for an update on how things are going! :)


One month of being a vegetarian completed (was initially hard).

Have been working out (13/31 days in Jan)

havent bought a thats good i guess :)

Sunshine's Highway said...

Well.. How did you do? I know you did #10... I know you stay on the phone instead of say call you back in 10 minutes which makes At least one person a lot happier .... Wishing you a happy new year and looking forward to another one with you as my friend.