Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Home Sick

Life has become so depressing off late. With all the things that have transpired at home, i can only imagine what my parents would be going through. They put up a brave, unfazed face when they talk but deep down i know that they know that they didn't need any of this. Not at this stage of their life. And i can only sit here and write. I mean come to think of it, now it has become a necessity for me to stay here so that i can help them...financially if not emotionally. 

I have my poker face up for the world to see but at times this second life gets to you and you wish you weren't a part of all this mess. And then being away from home at days like today (Diwali day) adds insult to the injury. 

For second straight year i am away from home, away from friends, away from my family. While everyone else posts pics, messages on facebook, twitter i just feel like going home and sleeping. Maybe it will be a better day tomorrow. 

Happy Diwali to everyone!


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