Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Long Seattle

As the days turn into hours i'm starting to get a mixed emotion about the trip. Met some old buddies and couldn't see some. Such is life. Even though I would have loved to see warrior princess, Simon and a NBA game i'm happy that its getting over cuz ends generally mean fresh beginnings plus i think i will be back this year and will accomplish these things when i get back 

Highlights of the trip would be :

  • Coke studio: Proves my point that music has no language, no boundary and in this case quite literally too
  • Having a roomie or should i say being a roomie: After a decade I was a roomie to someone other than my wife. Thanks for putting up with my shit guys.  Being here and not driving: Didn't drive since I didn't had my license which sometimes was frustrating too as I had to depend on people.
  • Getting my identity: From next time onwards I won't have to carry my PP everywhere.
This trip has been good in terms of learning too. Not sure about the professional learnings but on personal front it was good to meet people with different personalities. 

PP: Ever focused guy. Envy your focus and determination dude. Its not easy to distance yourself from worldly pleasure but the way you do it is remarkably exceptional. Thanks for making me your roomie and for all those awesome dishes. 
AD: The consultant :). Never saying No to nobody. Always in ALL the plans but does what he wants. Thanks for introducing coke studio
KD: The jolly good guy. Hope all those last bites of food would get you what WE wanted :) 
Sriku: The bassist. Thanks for letting me stay in your apartment. I hope I wasn't a pain. Just do what YOU want to do. Recipe of disaster is when you to try to please everyone.
IBM: It was fun having you around. If you don't laugh at yourself world suddenly seems to be a hard place to live in.

For others who aren't seeing their names in this list; all of you weren't significant enough to feature here

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