Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Count your blessings!

"Thank you Didi" said the little kids while they queued up and collected their sweets. And that was all I could take. An overwhelming feeling took over me and I had to come out of the orphanage. I actually liked the thought of going to an orphanage and helping the needy but I never imagined that it could end up like this. That I would end up like this.

I had gone inside with boxes full of sweets, candies and a camera thinking that whenever we would be done, ill click a picture..a group photo. And maybe post it on FB to help encourage my friends do some charity or post in LENZ-@-work but looking at those kids I was sure that they didn't wanted to be a subject(of sympathy or pity). Cuz that’s all they get from us..that is our initial natural reaction. And I didn’t want any of it for them.

From the way they organized themselves to the way they behaved, it was all very moving. They all wanted the stuff we had brought for them but no one was in a hurry, no one wanted to step on others toes to get it first. There was a sense of 'togetherness' amongst them. A real sense of "WE". Living without the support of a real family, they surely valued things more than us. They understood the real the meaning of a friend more than us. And they all grabbed it with both hands.

I would have crossed their home at least a million times till now but never did I realized that there was an orphanage in there. The place was something else, haunting for some, quiet for others. Life changing for me.

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varun said...

Glad to hear about it AC :)hope you make it point and try to do it often... I know I should do something... let me know if you plan something will help my bits..