Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank you God!

When you are sick and have a terrifying near death experience, you think about everything...that one moment makes you sit up and think about things you have done, things you haven't done...people you have met, people you would like to meet before you leave...and of course how things could have been 'normal' had you taken the conventional way out. 

Ironic part of this is that once the moment is gone, once you know that you r gonna just thank god for being able to get out of that situation and then carry on with your normal routine. The things you've been wanting to do, people you've been wanting to see..everything you said to yourself takes a back seat..and you continue to run the rat race..

I don't want to be in the situation i was in last night but i certainly wont mind god reminding me the importance of being a good human being and to keep materialistic things at a place where they are supposed to stay. 

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