Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thunder comes to India!!!

The wait is over!!!! The Baap of all Bikes is here. Harley Davidson is officially launched in India and even though the first set of bikes will be thumping down the streets sometime in 2010 the much anticipated wait seems to be over. Well.. almost over..thanks to mangoes.
(You must be thinking that ive gone crazy...but go ahead and read full story here)

Riding the Indian Harley was fun but i think I have to let go of Indian Harley, will have to retire mine and will have to book a Harley.

I know it might cost me a fortune but what the just live rumors are they might release an Indian version of the bike ...closer to 200 grand, which i think is worth the label....

Harley tees is what i already have..all i need is a bike and retire from this job .. Im gonna be a H.O.G someday.

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