Saturday, August 1, 2009

The day that Never comes!!!

After completing 35 days without alcohol, I finally succumbed under pressure. Well it wasnt pressure, its just that there are some people I cant say NO to.

So it was weekend, we went out (supposedly for dinner) and thats when I was offered drink by my brother(from another mother) and I had to take it. Just like I had no reason to tell as to why I had decided not to drink, I have no reason to tell you, now, that why I accepted the drink.

Anyways, My clock has been reset and lets see how it goes from here on.

PS: Now that I have my clock reset, should I use the Beers sitting in my fridge? :)

PS2: Mr.Rajesh I hope you feel previledged that of all the occasions I chose this.


Rajesh said...

oh yea !!! it was fun and dont set the counter back .. set something like thrice in a month or something like that .. some kind of package ;)

varun said...

aaya bada...sadhu banne...abbey yaar...alcohol is our cant deny it and you cant keep away from it...

Glad that u got the bitch out of the man.. :-)



tum jaise dost hoon toh dushman ki kya zaroorat hai

Kanu... said...

Finally!! The drought ends ;)

Rajesh said...

Thanks Varun . mein tou bas apna farz nibha reha tha !